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Human rights violation &

Terror report

Thepersecutionprocess of Human rights violation and terror matter

caused by two integrated circuits (IC) design data CDs burglarized

Reporter: L.W.L

Abstract: This text mainly illustrates that, from November of 2005 my companyestablishedas an abroad student business enterprise to now, my suffer which is the persecution process of human rights violation & terror applied on me caused by my two IC design data CDs burglarized affairs, the infringed persecution and terror continue up to now, even is to the risk of the future, due to no one would like to accept this matter, so I directly request the help from international society with the help of the Geneva World Human Rights Committee and American government.

I registered a company as the abroad student enterprise at Shanghai XingMin High-Tech Business Park in November of 2005 and started operation formally from March of same year. Hence forth up to now, took place many following numerous human rights violation and persecution on me, and the more worried is that this kind ofhuman rights violated affairs and terrorwould continue spreading and bring up to myself the dark prospect indicated, so this report also is handed over to Geneva World Human Rights Committee and American government to ask help.

1) The surveillance in ZhongHuang Building

Room 1108 of ZhongHuang Building as my company office started from March of 2005, from that time up to now, took place many affairs that had me make sure that my office was under the surveillance taken, and all of my contacts with our customers performed by telephone and E-mail, my business activity, customer visit schedule, and other touching activities with our foreign partners, were all explored to be know in advance, and thus all of my business activities and myself were damaged and persecuted. The surveillance taken to my company activity at the room 1108 is as their start point, caused such as the affair of DN’s Shanghai visit; the story on visiting other customers; the suffer of F driver license study; the affair in visiting HangZhou Silan Microelectronics on business; Motorcycle stolen and bicycle stolen affairs and other human rights violation affairs as below.

At the end of August of 2006 when I was severing the agreement with the landlord, I heard that landlord was shouting out“Huang police officer”toward the elevator out of my office door, thus I confirmed the police’s existence in ZhongHuang Building. The neighbor spare room seemed no one pass and in or out but often can be discovered that someone was located in that neighbor room, really feel very strange. The inside of the hall can be discovered some very weird persons usually or everyday. One day I found many outside persons are in the hall, they did not looked like businesspersons but looked like too un-elephant men and women who looked like the underworlds flow spirit. There were usually several police cars stopped at the doorway of the building. I usually went to “LawSon” mini-shop near our office building, and also found the shop stuff always have a strange performance toward me.

Some young plainclothes policeman inside of the elevator also had the strange performance and the action sort to me. It seemed that they were appealed protecting me.

One day my Japanese friend named WaDa-san came to my office to see my status, and we talked something such as “…. That American company just seem sell their products to me, the agreement is too strictly..” thus the words“Sell to him…”always come from those guy’s mouth. That day I also talked about other kinds of company operation problem with WaDa-san. WaDa-san also appealed that he would like to cooperate with me for some new project. Because this Japanese friend always touch with me, thus he discovered I and he were also monitored by someone, because someday he run off “special” toward me from his mouth when we had the lunch together in the dining room, so I noticed that someone was monitoring me and his activity at that time. After that for a period of time, WaDa-san told me that they “just borrow place” to build a company.

All of detail time, location and other about my business activities disclosed reason, was resulted from that my office room 1108 of ZhongHuang Building was under the wiretap surveillance from these guys’ supervision, below are the detail carried true fact of human rights violation through their surveillance applied.

Below is the photo that Police Car was stopping under the our office building everyday, my office was beeing monitored by the Plices

3) The story on visiting other customers

After contacting with customer and got the appointment in company, I started visiting our customers according to the fixed time. In all the customer companies I arrived, there appeared strange atmosphere each time. Even also I heard extremely pointed words, their words clearly express that our customer had provoked in advance by some person.

In November 7 of 2006, when I visited Shanghai Jade Technologies Co.,Ltd. I heard the reception lady said“all his home’s computers are damaged”. The strange thing is that the engineer I talked with also spin out“escaper…” “Two CDs”, “Monkey”toward me in his talking. At the meantime one dubious voice came from the neighbor room, and then I noticed a man just like grotesque bandit person with dubious words in his mouth was walking by our small meeting room. So I understood that my coming back from Japan was recognized as an escaper and these words had already spread into this company.

At September 19 of 2006, when the R&D director AD and his assistance who came from Korea DS Co., Ltd with me arrived our customer COMMIT Incorporated. The voice from reception said“so pitiful! Just for money”.I know nobody can understand his words except me, this word is toward me? Because Korean people don’t understand his Chinese language. When started to do presentation for customer, also some voice came from neighbor room was bothering me and made me upset. My company’s purpose is not making money? So for what we do? I wouldn’t like to talk about so-called politics. So what motive has these words from its back?

May 19 and 20 of 2006, when Mr. AD director and K visited Fulhua Microelectronics (Shanghai) Corp. (FameG) with me, also we met the strange phenomenon which attacked me. It was no doubt that our customer FameG company was also provoked in advance. Also at VeriSilicon and IPcore company, I was consciously attacked, such as“He always do so long as the work”; and the voice“The compiler has been stolen. ”from the neighbor room in the IPcore’s meeting room. I didn’t understand that meaning until I discovered my two CDs wasburglarized.

At the end of November of 2006, when I visited a Japanese company, I found this company also was subjected to be provoked in advance, because someone said“Chiba”,”HitoBashi”,these words is the place name and is a university name of Japan. I felt these seem related with me. In the meeting with the customer, the voice came from the neighbor room that was explaining my status with some my private things among our talk contents. On the went and back way, I also found someone was following me and let me sensing that is also very important for that I walked on right side or left side.

I really don’t understand why these guys disturbed and damaged my visiting customers, and also don’t understand why they acted to obtain my personal privacy through monitoring and strict surveillance, and then carried on provocation in our customer there. I found all our customer I visited has been interfered. Even on the talk when connected with our customer by phone, I also felt clearly someone was manipulating our customer. This is our first touched Japanese customer. These guys had already started following and violated my business activity into our Japanese customers.

4) The situation of F driver license study

At the end of July of 2006, when I was being in lesson of the JingQiu Driver School, someone in the classroom said“Saru”(Japanese “Monkey”),”shiguyi”(Japanese “fierce”),and the man sit in my behind suddenly used his body electromagnetic wave to attack my heart. I un-freely cried out “Very strong”, thus I was reminded there is some plainclothesman at the classroom. At the rest time, many people took around there, and I heard the teacher said“Beware of kid”,this reminded me that my son could be attached by these guys electromagnetic wave at anytime, and I started to worry about my son. Due to driver school didn't tell me the detail lesson schedule, the guider insulted and humiliated me while I was asking the lesson schedule. When waiting for the driving, even the trainer also bothered, insulted and humiliated me. I know that my personal living activities also were subjected to surveillance and interference applied.

5) The story on business on visiting Hangzhou SilanMicroelectronics Co., Ltd.

According to the schedule, I started and took the train which going to Hangzhou in that early morning, after arrived in Hangzhou, I asked a bus attendant the station and he marvelously pat my shoulder. After took into the bus, I found someone noticed me and always watched my bag, thus I was reminded that bus attendant must have some meaning while he pat my shoulder. After finished visiting our customer and on the way of going back to Hangzhou Station, a guy called me and said me“IC is over there”and pointed one direction, I looked where he pointed and found nothing, so don’t understand what his meaning. I know it was really that someone always track and monitor me. Even that taxi driver also let me feel strange. On the waiting room of the Hangzhou, among the crowd people some persons were using words to attack me, and many persons were hurtling me, that made me feel starting to cry. After entered the platform, I heard someone was yelling “killing people”. In the train box, sitting around me looked like tourist group, and one man and one women wearing the yellow guide clothe just sit obliquely opposite to my seat, that two guys were singing in duet while gazing at my movement and my facial expression, and same time they started to commentary, made me feel badly, uneasiness and uncomfortable. I wondered how is the reader's felling when being at that scene. And then I heard that man’s voice“nothing, just for grand view”, and that women continued explaining to that man while she was watching my facial expression in the meantime. I didn't understand why these guys take funny me. Afterwards I said “silos” in my heart, all the people sit around me were laughing up suddenly. It took 2 hours on the train then arrived in Shanghai Station, in the whole trap way I was enduring these suffers and molestation from these guys. I was just looked like ones under the guard to visit our customer company in Hangzhou. These guy's persecution has already spread and started following other cities.

6) Motorcycle and bicycle stolen affairs

At July of 2006, I arrived the amateur school to pick up my son as usual, my riding motorcycle was just parking at stipulated parking lot in the campus, after brought out my son and went to the parking lot, then discovered my motorcycle was not in there and was stole completely. Just for two minitus, my motorcycle was immediately stole among the numerously motorcycle and bicycles, the steal technique and speed was such high, is it premeditated in advance or followed me everyday? I remembered that at descending elevator of time, I really saw some persons in the hall near the elevator entrance where had different booth compared with usual and they looked like middle age of person who did not look like putting stands. I reported the near police substation that my motorcycle was stole, in that police substation I heard some stuff were talking, the words“that is private owned company”, “isn’t a state-run company”,“grieve”.Also as mentioned point, my one office key was lost and I don’t understand what’s the reason.“good people” etc., the words entered to my ears were very similar with other case in other public situation, these affairs were really accidental? The police notified me and asked me to look that smash of motorcycle destroyed in September, the front and behinds of the motorcycle were already completely changed, and vital organs of the motor body were revealed to outside. Is it such status after the traffic vehicle accident? The policeman requested us to wait for their inform when we were talking in police's office at that time, I wondered where the comer body’s electromagnetic wave was clicking my heart, I know that young policeman don’t understand that. What can I say to describe this kind of phenomenon? Today is January five of 2007, and no any police department notifying me to bring back that smash of motorcycle. I remembered that one day before motorcycle burglarized I relieved the contract with landlord because of un-booming business, and perhaps this issue made these guys uncomfortable, was it relevant to the reason of motorcycle stolen? I felt it must be that association! Because I heard of the voice

After that, because I still had to go to that amateur school to pick up my son as everyday, so I bought a bicycle, I just could ride a bicycle to send and pick up my kid. But just for several days, my bicycle parked in the parking lot in that amateur school, which tire was stabbed one hole, I could only push my bicycle to be fixing on the halfway. In another day this better bicycle’s tire was stabbed one hole in the our garden, it was obvious that was damaged by a machine tool, when I had bicycle fixed, the repair boss told me the tire must be changed.

In order to artificial obstruct and interrupt my activities, these guys stole my motorcycle and damaged my bicycle, to precede their so-calledthree atrocities policy. In the late day, my bicycle was stole near the middle-shop.

In September of 2006, because the business isn't good, the office location was moved into the room 602 of No. 15that JinAn garden, that is my private house with my home office.

7) The fortuitous suffer of Korean visitor

At September 19 of 2006, when the R&D director AD and his assistance who came from Korea DS Co., Ltd. with me arrived our customer COMMIT Incorporated. The voice from reception said“so pitiful! Just for money”.I know nobody could understand his words except me, this word was toward me? Because Korean people don’t understand his Chinese language. When started to do presentation for customer, also some voice came from neighbor room was bothering me and made me upset. My company’s purpose is not making money? So for what we do? I wouldn’t like to talk about so-called politics. So what motive has these words from its back?

May 19 and 20 of 2006, when Mr. AD director and Kang visited Fulhua Microelectronics (Shanghai) Corp. (FameG) with me, also we met the strange phenomenon which attacked me. It is no doubt that our customer FameG company was also provoked again in advance. Also at VeriSilicon and IPcore company, I also was attacked, such as“He always do so long as the work”; and the voice“The compiler has been stolen.” from the neighbor in the IPcore’s meeting room. I didn’t understand that meaning until I discovered my two CDs wasburglarized, and I thought two CDs was stole at my stay in Japan before.

When Mr. AD, K and I had dinner in the restaurant that evening, I heard a very loud voice“Hum, business?”, I don’t understand what’s meaning that guy said, but I know there were many persons around to watch on us.“His company is located at home”, “Hypochondria”. Also I heard that one man said, “That is to show for young people”. Around our table, many guys were noticed our activity, these guys quarreled the words and their action made Mr. AD and K feel very uneasy, Mr. AD asked me “Is not afraid?” I only could answer “no”, what I can say, this kind of environment atmosphere made Korean people feels very fear.

In another day when we had lunch at the restaurant near QiBao town, also there were a lot of ambiguous persons in the dining room. These people surrounding us also were monitoring our talking and activities. These guys’ evil intention noise and their body electromagnetic wave heavily pressing made me feel miserable desperately. I didn’t understand what was appeared inside of my mind, even couldn’t answer K’s question and wondered what he said. Mr. AD and K felt these guys power is very large and clearly surprising, hence took out a map to ask me the way that they want to go to Korean Embassy. Ando said me“We will go to Korean embassy tomorrow”.I know that Korean people also were worrying about their own safety.

Korean people from DS company is the first time come to China, I thought their felling was very imaginable. Fortunately is that, their CEO trusted me when he came to Shanghai in early days, although many guys were monitoring me and our conversation at that time, he seemed feel nothing because of his one day stay. It is no doubt that these guys looked our abroad partner as their object of surveillance; these guys’ behaviors also brought tremendous harm to my international business.

8)Two IC data CDs was burglarized

One day at August of 2006, On the way of coming back from JinQiu Driver School by bicycle, I was attacked by some marvelous persons using virulent language, I was accustomed to hear these like of attack. But one woman said me”Where is your CD? Projects need to unify distributed! ”I was surprised and very shocked, because throughout these affairs were resulted from two data CDs burglarized. After arrived at home I checked the place where I put the CD, and found my two IC data CDs was burglarized. My estimation is in the period that I worked in Japan two years and half ago. These two data CDs contained very important data backlogs from I started to engaged in the integrated circuit design work till now, and among them included my many working contents and important data in Japan, Europe and China. I didn’t understand why someone could burglarize this two data CDs from my private house in such big ability. What thieves and burglars could steal my two important IC data CDs from my private residence? I also didn’t understand these guys com-shared my data in such kind of way. I think this two IC data CDs’ contents are very important so that they must be confirmed and checked by related people of Japan based on international laws.

9) The occurrence story in XinMin Business Park

On the way of going to XinMin High-Tech Business Park, I was “convoy” by these guys, and many persons are “take care of me”. When I was applying for new tax administration certificate in 16thfloors, I felt the atmosphere in the room was quite different. I heard“his all incomes is extra incomes”voice came from the neighbor room, at the same time, a man of indoor said“Other nothing, but this must hand over”.I didn’t understand these guys, my two IC data CDs had been stolen, that contained my IC work data accumulated my many years of works before, and now I have only my knowledge in my mind. Actually which are the extra incomes, and which are the thing that I have to hand over again?

10) The story occurred in MinHang 13th Tax Affairs Institute

I went to MinHang 13thTax Affairs Institute to buy invoice, just entered the hall and heard that ”his hair was not done well”. I know have started to suffer hardship. Those persons who lined up started look at me, I wondered how to do well. When I go upstairs to inquiry and went out that room, I heard“you see, his facial expression is similar to Y General Manager”from my behind. I know his words is point that Y General Manager worked in NT Company where I worked before, and Y really seems to be persecuted and seems to be some sadly facial expressions. Mr. Y general manager came back from Silicon Valley and he is a doctor and the scientist. At the time I was purchasing invoice, I also was intentionally made things difficulties and was procrastinated time, and under my entreaty so the staff gave me invoice, but she said,“have to buy a car”, “have to be relevant to fasten”. I didn’t recognize her before but I know someone must be directing the national official stuff intentionally now. I thought my motorcycle and bicycles were all stole. Moreover these guys have said they must implementedthree atrocities policy”.

11) The terrible affairs in the dead hour

When I have gone to bed every night, there is the strange human body electromagnetic wave harassing me, and playing more and more strong, in addition that my body part is being subjected to click by these guys’ body electromagnetic wave constantly, there is also more terrible affair.

At the dead hour about two o’clock in November of 2006, I lied on the bed, I felt my body was feeling chill suddenly, spreading over whole body beginning from the heart, hence I turn over my body and lies down to sleep at once, and let the mood quell slowly with my will in intention ambition, then my body started recovering slowly to normal state.

There were a few night sleeping, the contents in my mind was that someone was rushing toward my bedside and seem to kill me with the “shout, shout” sound in lifting up something. There were also some other strange contents. Sometime when I full in asleep, there also was appeared some strange dreams (brain’s thinking activity?). The contents is such as a woman's leg wearing the black stockings, Japan Koyizimipremier were telling others about his annual income. I thought that seems to be urged dream at that day.

One deed hour at November of 2006, I was waked up from my sleeping, because I found my body and face seem to be happening terrible variety, from neck to face, beginning the fever to rise constantly. I got up and walk into the bathroom hurriedly, and was looking at the my face in the mirror, I was finding my face have already rise to very red, the neck in addition to be flushing, also have a lot of red spots that flush obviously, my face looked like to be made rise unceasingly by something and will exploded soon, moreover many spots was just same as the leprosy in my mind. In the meantime I saw my face in the mirror was changing to old continuously. My brain was buzzed and was thinking my life was sudden doom. At that time I thought of my kid and my mother.

I wondered very much that which means does these guys used to carry on such terrible action. That was QiGong attack? So terrible affair took place in my private residence, I wondered what terrible person surrounding my room. It is no doubt that there were some persons were monitoring me and was persecuting me. These persons who were carrying on the surveillance and human rights violation activity on me have to be called asterroristcompletely! That isterrorism!!!

12) The surveillance occurred in room 602 on the 15thin JinAn garden

Relevant eavesdrop: all of my activities are under the control. Each plan of going out each time seems to be known in advance. My home telephone seem to be intercepted, the surveillance applied was from neighbor and one room and persons in the 8tharea (JinAn Garden).

One night at November of 2006, I was guiding my son's homework in my kid’s room, although perhaps the dialogue was somehow loudly, but I heard some laughs with commenting on me coming from obliquely opposite direction of son's room, namely the northeast direction, because the north veranda door was opened, so I could hear clearly. I wondered if our voice can be spread to so far, or perhaps was transferred to there by the next door.

December 16 of 2006, when I was working at my room in the afternoon, and found that“the eldest brother Zhao”just lived in neighbor No.16, because I heard the voice“Lu Weiliang”spread from the behind of my computer in my room, and actually I always can heard that someone mentioned my name, also I heard one women said“you see, he has know”.The neighborhood west faced to my room is the room 601 of 16thin JinAn Garden. I wondered who is“the eldest brother Zhao”, because when I was beat mercilessly at YongQi hair salon in December 3, salon manager used to shout out“All the JinAn garden is belong me Zhao”. No wonder, each time when I went out to do something, I always heard about my private contents at home or at my phone in the disturbance scene, therefore I extremely suspected some person indeed are monitoring and intercepting my room, telephone and my motion. So that “the eldest brother Zhao” really live in JinAn Garden and was directing these guys to persecute me. At December 23 of 2006, I heard the voice “Fights with me?” came from the neighbor, I guess that is “The eldest brother Zhao”. This time the voice I heard is quite different and came from overhead of my room, and especially in my room, and there are little this phenomenon in other rooms. The words“Public-Private Jointly-Operated”is come from these guys’ words, and they often said and performedthree atrocities policy”.Thus my customers were dare to get in touch with me, so what is theses guys’ meaning that they shout“Public-Private Jointly-Operated”. Above-mentioned phenomenon made me clearly feel my house is exactly under the eavesdropping and I am actually being kept under house arrest. The strange is that why their wiretap comment voice also let me hear, and my room is an obvious focused target, other rooms have less this kind of phenomenon. All the human rights violation affairs applied is come from neighbor’s persecution, and they are using some equipment to be transferred to other places synchronously, and then started to carry on persecution. These guys motion criterion and pet phrase are“his any matter”, ”any matter which he does”, “regardless of he handles any matter”, “he always like that”, “permit him to do that”, “must make him to do such”, “eliminates him”, “only to be able to do so”, “Three atrocities policy”, “to play him”, “to kill him by poison”, “this fellow is doing spread communication fair”,and to explain that they put me under house arrest in each 24 hours with the surveillance integrity applied everyday, and even apply their harassment to my sleep dream. From their conversation I understand that they have a“boss”. However several time I also heard that someone was asking these guy“Why to do so?” “So give him a bullet”, “Why monitor him? ”. It is thus clear that these guys are making use of innocent common people. I wondered what kind of electromagnetic wave they adopted and used to harass me in my sleeping dream. Because the neighborhood exactly mentioned that they are“policeman”, ”Ministry of National Defense ”, and also met one guy who mentioned“Ministry of National Defense”in near medicine store. I wondered which matter could be associated to such important extent. Thus their meaning is that these guys are policeman? In this several days (December 27th in 2006) this kind of voice seem to become less from overhead of my room, but eavesdrop method has changed again. More terrible voice is that“kill him”, “must put him to death”recently.

There was a period of time whenever I was working in my room at evening, A man from overhead of my room was communicating with a woman on opposite building, and opposite woman was requesting the man of my overhead to translate for her, then the man of my overhead translated what he know to that opposite woman while he was monitoring my motion. But for a period of time, that woman in opposite building asked,“Why need to do this?”to the man of my overhead. The man of my overhead seemed has no patient to answer her. Thus that woman of opposite building seemed felt boring so no longer participate the surveillance activity with the man of my overhead. The overhead of my room is just roof, above voice could be generated from neighborhood.

I doubt very much that around my homes are all equipped with dictograph, because all of my activities are synchronously spread to outside, once I went out, the attack contents are just around happened affairs in my home. I felt that my conversation in MSN Messenger also was being monitored because these guys could say out contents that I chat to my friend. Even on my writing this report, I also was under the surveillance and interference now because these guys said,“kill him”, ”don’t bother his writing”in low voice. Today I heard that “overthrew xx “ and also heard “People's Liberation Army, you see, hereafter will become warlord” from the neighborhood. What’s meaning about these. I was really difficult imaging what matters will be taken place hereafter. Also these guys mentioned my full name from neighborhood.

December 31 of 2006, my room still was under the wiretap, when I was operating my PC I heard that many people spread a lot of commentaries on me, it was seem that too late so one woman said“don’t see again, let’s go”. Also at PM 5 o’clock in January 1 of 2007, my room still was wiretapped as usual, and it seem that someone came to that monitoring room to check the status and asked them“How about Lu Weiliang? ”, one man answered “don’t know”, and one woman said“no way, just monitoring him”. Because I always work in my room and to operate my PC to process problem, so they said,“you see, the more he do this, the more don’t give him”, this kind of scene always happened in them. I wondered what will these guys give me, I thought maybe they will return me my motorcycle or maybe give me government aid, but now I know they said that whether they will give me my freedom. Here mentioned is that monitoring room can be provided to be visit, because I often hear many voices and other people’s novice.

When I came out from my home, I heard someone said,“have to control him”, also someone said,“his home is a prison”, but I also heard that if he can join the communist party, that all will be ok. Recently I heard that“Boss actually also don’t know how to do”. Who is the boss?! It is no doubt that I was kept under house arrest in everyday 24 hour.

13) The fear on each picking up my son

Since March of 2006, every time when I attended the son’s activity of kid garden, some strange persons among the many people were watching on my activity. On the graduation ceremony of my son’s kid park, I heard many people were cried out the words that were my private talk with my wife in my house. My son is already grade one at primary school, whenever I pick up my son at primary school after class, I always heard someone among the many student guardian also attack me with strict words, even the security persons at school doorway also said“commission members”.Because everyday I should go to school to pick up my son, each time I met this kind of words attack. The various gossip words has already spread to kid's primary school, also influenced to amateur school that son attended. All persons in kid's primary schools or persons of the residence surroundings I met treated me with the strange attitude consciously. Even my kid, someday he said, “Daddy, your computer are all come from Japan, I dislike them”. In fact only two IBM notebooks are brought from Japan among my six PCs. Today my son said “Daddy was a foreigner before, however unlike today because of your nose’. This kind of felling really is just like as I am a “right-wing member” or “a traitor passing the foreign country” of China Cultural Revolution Ages. In fact there are many people always using the words“traitor”to describe me. At doorway in son's primary school, I also heard a taller man said“have to control him”. Afterwards there were really many people say“have to control him”. Because I was thought as a “traitor”, therefore I am received numerous people’s toes spurn.

14) The surveillance applied on my any private activity

All my any private activities were subjected to be surveillance and under the supervision, any my activity and my words will become to so-called proof and handle because these guys can make use of these my words. The private family activity with our friends at Shanghai Zoo on October 1 of 2006, going to hospital and bookstore on December 8 and December 26, and in the bus when I went out each time, I always met unreasonable words attack and surveillance applied. Even on my private appointment with my older generation, I also was under the monitoring. Everywhere I got to, there are always many strange person included some person came from other provinces were monitoring me and following me secretly, and let me feel my freedom is under the control. Even walking on the street, some guys walk through side use some bad words to attack me. These guys’ aim is“regardless what he do”, “all his things have to be monitored”. I think I am a so-called“target of dictatorship”object just like at China Cultural Revolution Ages or “three anti- & five anti-movement”. It seems that I have to be reformatted.

Because there are too many affairs of human rights violation and persecution applied on me since last year, sometimes I was worried whether I would turn to be more trouble, so accompanied by family I went to the Shanghai Spirit Healthy Center for consultation, and the fortunately is that all items tested the result displayed that I am still being a normal spirit status. But I am still worried about the future very much. Because in China Cultural Revolution Ages, a lot of people were tormented to be neurosis and mental illness suffered, so this is not spare for my worry, in fact when I went to Shanghai Spirit Healthy Center, I also was followed and under the surveillance, I noticed one police car parked outside, even on consulting with doctor, I consciously felt the words attack from this doctor in his low voice. My whole private living activities are all under the surveillance applied with human rights violation.

15) The story on having PC fix

Since my notebook PC was entered water and the power supply is always shut down, so I went to have PC repaired. Totally three repair shop I have gone to, on the way that I went to the FanYu road repaired shop, I entered to a LawSon mini-ship to buy a bottle of juice, s person looked like a stuff said“Because of two CDs”, and then on the another LawSon shop, one woman also said to me“nice”, after arrived in the repaired shop, I found there were other three persons who didn’t look like repair engineer as my experience and I never met them before, and the repair engineer told me these are his friends. But later I guess these guys are plainclothes-policeman. Afterwards I was called that my notebook PC has fixed, but another engineer told me not yet fixed at following day. When I went to that repair shop to take my PC, the voice“no way”came from my behind, I think I didn’t make wrong that voice is that repair engineer and I wonder why he said this. The second shop I went is located in MeiLuoChen at XuJiaHui town, there is very noisy and each time I met some guys attacked me using some words, Later days I was reminded that my notebook PC’s mother-board should be changed. The third repair shop is located in Pacific Ocean shop, at the repairing my PC I heard some words came form neighbor shop that about my private matter. These words obviously were come from monitoring my house. At the repair place there were two strange customers because I found these persons just brought in and brought out their PC. I was told that I could go out to do anything and later return to the shop. But I thought I have nothing to do, so I waited there. At that time, one man was talking with a repair engineer, this let me feel I should leave off, thus I went out the shop. When came back to the repair shop, my one notebook PC has be fixed, and another notebook PC have to be leave there said by a repair engineer because the mother-board should be fixed. My IBM notebook PCs were brought back from Japan, I wondered if my PC has any problem related with“traitor” or “spy”matter.

16)"123 bleed affairs"

In November 1 of 2006, I was added to the 500RMB service member under recommendation of the stuff at LongMing branch of YongQi Hair Salon, and got the 100RMB additional favorable treatment card. At that day I had hair cut and shampoo, and the stuff said usual price is 10RMB but you just pay 8RMB using your member card, I noticed the payment list also was written to 8RMB. I was very satisfied to today’s service even if it was just 2RMB discount. It is regretted that later I found my service card was buckled 40RMB in December 3 of 2006.

December 3 of 2006, I went to this hair salon and have hair cut and shampoo, the stuff seems a newer and wasn’t familiar with process, so I asked her to flush, and I know this stuff’s service quality was not good but I didn’t mind that, because others I met were good before I joined the service member. However when my scalp felt hurt very much when a stuff cut hair for me, so I wondered which shampoo water they used for me, and I felt my hair had seem to fall off, then the stuff told me I can go to second floor to be check but I didn’t care and realize that. But on the cutting process, this stuff’s thought seemed to be not concentrated and out of mind, and he couldn’t understand any my requirement, and made me feel he was intentional. The strange was that my left side of hair shaved was extremely chaotic, the length or the short. Especially the left front side of hair was stayed extremely long, so I explained that but he seemed didn’t understand me, I wondered what he was thinking. That day’s service price was 15RMB. After returned home, I always feel that service is too strange, and then I checked the card, and accidentally I found the card was buckled 40RMB at November 1 that was last service price. I was very indignant and decided to withdraw the member service.

When I went to YongQi LongMing branch hair salon to inquire withdraw process at December 4, they didn’t permit my withdraw and made me trouble. Then about five and six men close to me and argued with me, one man named general manager said“teach him”,the side of man said “His any matter” (This words was exactly same as those persons violating my human rights). I understand those guys tracked me to this hair salon), hence in the argue conflict, all the men came up to hurtle and attack me brutally, pull me to outdoor and press me on the floor to start beating strongly. I heard the voice“maliciously hit, kill him”, this voice is from that general manager, my head top was spot fist likely the raindrop, my body was heavily step, they also used their foot to step my brain just like stepping land mine and ball, there was a lot of blood on my leg and my eyeglass also was damaged, on the nose also was the blood, my testicle was kicked heavily, and my finger also was injured to muscle edema, I heard that counter woman said“to damage his bicycle”.(My bicycle was stole at December 9 in near LongMing middle-shop, although I couldn’t suspect this is their behavior, I suspected indeed that was caused by someone’s stirring up). I am forty years old and more, how to resist these twenty years old guys fist, and only lie on the ground to suffer their merciless beat. After beating, that general manager extremely conceited and shouted loudly“whole JinAn New Park is belong to me Zhao named!”in the doorway. I heard the man wearing the earth yellow feather garment and caret shaped beard, who said to another man wearing the black garment“They said that must to do like this”, “So next step?,,, put him to death, kill, kill…”and seem to wait for one’s instruction from somewhere. I know today’s affair wasn't accidental, because each time I went to that hair salon before, I always found someone were tracking me. I understand this affair caused completely by their premeditated plan and seek to bother me intentionally. Today’s beaten affairs also was the wick lighten to erupt, which is these guys’ persecutes and the human rights violation applied on me.

The report about “123 bleed affairs” process and the medical proof attached was supplied to MinHang district police station, Shanghai public security bureau chief and faxed to China ministry of public security 110 complain place to wait to be solved. This report was sent at December 9 of 2006 but has no trail solved.

In summary,since my company established in Shanghai up to now, my company business activities and my private living activities all are subjected to be monitored, persecuted, surveillance taken,terror and human rights violatedcompletely. Everything of mine was destroyed by their so-called“three atrocities policy”.What was left over now? The remarkable issue is that my company hasn’t been supported by anyone on financial and fully belong to my private property. Thus I want to ask: Whether does my private company have to be nationalized (through human rights violation means, method and behavior applied)? Or my private company (normal business activities) has no necessary to be disturbed and destructed by such means? Moreover there are “one country two systems” existed in China (based on the local difference?), that is my misunderstanding or my comprehension’s problem? I think above-mentioned each human rights violation affairs in the public places brought the extremely big harm and chaotic to entire society especially for Shanghai, thus it could cause Shanghai to be confused and disturbed possibly. The words these persons said“His any matters”, “Any of his things”, “regardless what he do”, “three atrocities policy”and these guys were continuously persecuting me. It is no doubt that above affaires was organized by someone’s premeditating and operating completely on the back. What times is now, There have been five years and more since China joined WTO from 2001.The international trade is also very normal, is it too strange that my company’s normal business activities? Probably due to I was backed from Japan and so-called“traitor”??? However I have already returned to the motherland for two and half years, and up to now I haven’t been reformed well yet? Is it do necessity that I should be suffered such overall surveillance and human rights violation? There are many international trade opportunity and technology communication activities between China companies and other foreign countries, everybody should follow WTO rule, and I would like to ask that whether my company has too strange behavior places? Because the fact of my personal human rights violated and the terrible affairs were occurred on me up to now and it would be continued to future, just like as “SARS” virus which would be played more and more strong, I am very worried that my life will be in danger and gloomy and dark future. And according to currently present condition in China,human rights violation and terror problemcan't or difficult to be resolved, so I also request an international social help.I am still worried about myself that would be suffered more large threat and terror again in the future.

Below attached original copies are the parts of external injury photo and the diagnosis sheet issued by Shanghai Sixth People Hospital for helping to describe above-mentioned fact at the “123 bleed affairs”.

Fuck! Beijing 2008


Fuck!, Beijing

Fuck! Beijing

The Chinese Communist Party has consistently asked everyone who has given good reasons to boycott Beijing Olympics by any means not to politicize the Olympics. And yet the Chinese Communist Party has been politicizing the Olympics by calling a Hong Kong legislator who openly does not support Beijing Olympics a "Sneaky Traitor of the Han". Mr. Martin Lee, a very experienced Hong Kong Democratic Party member did nothing but to urge the U.S. to use the Olympics as a strategic device to improve upon the rotten human right conditions in China. Mr. Lee did not even invite anyone to boycott the Olympics. How is this well-respected legislator of Hong Kong a "Sneaky Traitor of the Han"?

So, any Chinese asking the Chinese Communist Party to improve upon its horrific human rights record is a "Sneaky Traitor of the Han"? Does the unelected Chinese Communist Party represent the Han race? Obviously, the Chinese Communist Party is ready to politicize anything in its favor. Anyone who is against its illegitimacy will be labeled as nationalistic sinner. Anyone who is against Beijing Olympics is a sinner! How about the human rights violators? Westerners should be very careful when they are misled to believe that the Chinese Communist Party has had any improvement in the past 10 years given the improved economic environment. After all, the Chinese Communist Party still relies heavily, if not exclusively, on false propaganda to rule China, without being elected!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Will East Turkistan, a Colony of China, become the Karen State of Burma?

The following video shows an interview with the pro-independnce (anti-invasion) leader of East Turkistan, Rebiya Kadeer concerning the current situation of East Turkistanis living in Xin Jiang. East Turkistan is also called Uighur (named by the Chinese Communist Party as Xin Jiang).

The title of this youtube video is: China 'crushing Muslim Uighurs' (Rebiya Kadeer)

The Chinese Communist Party is known to have conducted nuclear bomb tests in East Turkistan creating a lot of cancer cases and cases of malformed children with mutated genes. It is also well-known that the Chinese Communist Party has a bad human rights record and has been suppressing freedom of speech and freedom of religion in East Turkistan.

To know more about Rebiya Kadeer, check out the following article on wikipedia:


To learn more about the history of East Turkistan, check out


International Burma Awareness on Youtube : Oct. 31 - Nov. 1

Action Name: International Burma Awareness on Youtube

Dates: October 31 - November 1, 2007

Purpose: To raise the awareness of youtubers on the Burma crisis that has been succumbed by the brutal force of the Burmese military dictators.

Goal: 200,000 - 400,000 views for each of the targeted videos to hopefully make the administrators of Youtube to put them onto the front page.


1. Email all your friends the following message:

Email Title: International Burma Awareness on Youtube: Oct 31 - Nov 1, 2007.

My dearest friends:

I am writing to ask for your compassionate support of the peaceful monks and civilians who have recently been brutality beaten and gunned down in Burma (Myanmar) by the military dictators. The situation in Burma is far worse than you can imagine. Human rights groups have documented serious genocide, raping, and enslaving activities committed by the Burmese military dictators.

Please join the "International Burma Awareness on Youtube" champaign! By simply clicking the following links on either October 31 or November 1, 2007, you can let the world aware of the poor Burmese monks and civilians. The goal is to produce 200,000-400,000 views on each targeted video so that Youtube administrators will put them onto the front page of Youtube.

Targeted videos:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPSsKcpxJMk (Video from Burma: SHOOT on SIGHT)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NySuaJ2B20E (Jim Carrey - Call to Action on Burma and Aung San Suu Kyi)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UqQaizM15Q (Inside Myanmar: The Crackdown)

**Remeber to rate the videos 5/5 stars if you have a youtube account. Refresh the videos will increase the number of views.

Other relevant videos:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPKsm7lmQQE (Missing Monks in Myanmar Burma Dead Body Found)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gONJmADgX88&NR=1 (Rocketboom : Myanmar/Burma)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WU_DmXp578 (More Deaths in Burma Protests - part 2)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLnMA5qHGHY (Shootings Monks and Civilians in Burma)

If you have time you can also comment on the videos to let the world know how you feel!

Please forward this important message to as many people you know as possible. Every click counts!

Yours sincerely,

2. If you know of any internet discussion forums, electronic newspapers that allow people to make comments, other video hosts, etc, you may also copy and paste the above message!

3. Send the above message to your friends on facebook or other similar websites.

4. Link the above videos to your blogs (at least the top three) and ask people to go back to your blogs on Oct 31 and Nov 1 to click on them!

5. Tell your co-workers and friends face to face about the "International Burma Awareness on Youtube" champaign.

6. Do a little "legal" and "non-annoying" spam on some websites (such as youtube) that you are familiar with. If the website bans posting links, sometimes you can try some tricks. Send me a message and I will show you!!!!!!!

7. If you have a youtube account, you may want to make one of the targeted videos your "featured video." Remember to log on and make a 5-star rating for each of the targeted vidoes. I believe youtube will look at not only the number of clicks but also the rating!

Friday, October 19, 2007

An Updated List of Detainees After the Monks' Protest in Burma

Assistant Association for Political Prisoners has published an online list of detainees after the monks' protest in Burma:


Contrary to what the Chinese Communist Party has claimed, the Burmese dictatorship has stepped up its effort to arrest peaceful monks and civilians in Burma. Behind the apparent peace and quiet in Rangoon, arrested monks and civilians in Burma have been tortured and murdered. Human rights abuse has been non-stop despite that protests have been stopped.

Obviously, the Chinese dictator supports the arrests and the human rights violation in Burma by vetoing any UN Security Council resolution even today. It even claimed that a UN SC visit to Burma was fruitful by ignoring all the monks being capture without any open and fair trial. In other words, if exactly the same event happens in China, the Chinese Communist Party will do exactly the same thing to its people!

It is time for Chinese to stand up to boycott Beijing Olympics, or else they are nothing more than a bunch of cowards who are happy slaves of the dictatorial regime enjoying a little bit of freedom with a little increase in their standard of living.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Facebook Discussion Group "Support the Monks"

The Facebook.com discussion group "Support the Monks' Protest in Burma" currently has a total membership of over 420,000 Facebook users.

This discussion group has been organized many international activities, including protests in many different countries.

The following photos are posted by a member of the group in Facebook, showing some horrible scene of monks murdered possibly by the Burmese dictator:

More pictures related to the Burma crisis are available here:


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Coalition for Regime Change in Burma calls for Boycott of Beijing Olympics

The Coalition for Regime Change in Burma calls for Boycott of Beijing Olympics on their website:


The following are some of the actions taken by the coalition:

According to the description written for the videos, the Coalition for Regime Change in Burma is calling for a boycott of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

The Chinese government actively supports Burma's brutal military dictatorship through arms sales, economic cooperation and political cover.

On Friday, October 5th, Burmese people and supporters gathered outside the Chinese mission to the UN to call for China to stop supporting the violent military regime in Burma.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Olympics Host's Indifference Toward the Brutality of the Burmese Dictator

The following is an abstract of the record of speech made by the representative of China during the UN Security Council Meeting held on October 5, 2007:


The current situation does not pose any threat to international or regional peace and security. The future of Myanmar lies in the hands of its people and its Government, and their problems will be addressed properly through consultations. In our view, it is quite understandable for the outside world to express concern or expectations regarding the situation on the ground. However,pressure would not serve any purpose and would only lead to confrontation or even the loss of dialogue and cooperation between Myanmar and the international community, including the United Nations.Therefore, the Security Council should adopt a prudent and responsible approach in handling the issue of Myanmar.

The international community can help the country achieve national reconciliation and democratic progress by offering constructive engagement and mediation. The key is to take the right approach.Yet, if the situation in Myanmar takes a turn for the worse because of external intervention, it will be the people of the country who bear the brunt.That is the last thing that China, as well as other neighbours of Myanmar and other regional countries, wish to see. We look forward to continued constructive engagement and cooperation between the international community and the Myanmar Government, which, we hope, will help the country move in a positive direction.

1. The Chinese Communist Party has never mentioned anything about the wrongful act committed by the Burmese dictator!

2. The Chinese Communist Party actually indirectly condemned the rest of the world as being responsible for the brutal crackdown in Burma! It also warned the world that any reaction against the Burmese dictator may trigger another round of evil crackdown against Burmese civilians and monks. And the world will be fully responsible for the consequence.

3. It has also argued that the UN Security Council is fully responsible in the future, not the Burmese dictator, as it is the responsibility of the UN SC to "HELP" the Burmese dictator maintain stability in Burma.

By not condemning the brutality of the Burmese dictator, the Chinese Communist Party has already violated the Charter of the UN Security Council!

Under the Charter, the functions and powers of the Security Council are:

* to maintain international peace and security in accordance with "the principles and purposes of the United Nations; "

* to determine the existence of a threat to the peace or "act of aggression" and to recommend what action should be taken;

Also, on the front page of the UN Charter:


2. to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and

At the Oct 5 meeting, China purposely ignored point #2!!!

China tried to distract people's attention by pointing only at the regional stability!

BTW, the UN is not supposed to only handle "international" dispute; it is also required to oversee individual countries in the case of human rights violation! This is why the UN has set up the so-called "Human Rights Council"!

So is it the responsibility of the Human Rights Council then? Not necessarily! Cause the UN Security Council has to follow the mission of the UN Charter, that is, all of the above functions, including HUMAN RIGHTS violation! To oversee the use of aggression of the Burmese dictator to its own people is within the scope of the UN Charter and is one of the functions of the UN Security Council.

The following video from CNN expresses concern about the missing monks in Burma after the brutal crackdown by the Burmese dictator:


The so-called restoration of peace within Burma is a disguise of more EVIL acts that is still conducted by the Burmese dictator!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Scene of Death of a Civilian and a Monk during the Burma Crackdown

Radio Free Asia's page covering Burma


A recent video on the effect of the crackdown on Karen State and Thailand (from AFPTV)


A recent video showing a civilian and a monk killed during the crackdown (from AFP)


Inside Myanmar: The Crackdown

The following is an extremely important video available on youtube that has documented the inside view of the brutal crackdown of the peaceful demonstration of monks and civilians by the Burmese dictator:

Boycotting Olympics not only for Burmese, Darfuris, and North Koreans, but also for Chinese!

This article has been posted in the "Support the Monks' protest in Burma Discussions" Facebook group:

I urge all of you, Bo supporters, to go to youtube to see what is actually happening to many Chinese citizens in China.

The so-called economic development in China has benefited only a small bunch of elite class Chinese, many of whom are directly related to the Chinese Communist Party.

One will be naive to believe that continuing economic development in China will eventually make China a free country. The economic development in China is NOT sustainable under the fake corrupt communist regime! It is only a matter of time for the time bomb to explode!

Yeah, boycotting China products will hurt Chinese in general. However, most Chinese are still farmers! They are the ones who are suffering from the so-called economic development.

BTW, any economy has economic down turns anyway. I believe the affluent small group of Chinese should not be that selfish! Remember most big corporations in China are now run by Chinese Communist Party members or their relatives. Let them suffer the most!

Boycott Olympics not only for Burmese, Darfuris, and North Koreans, but also for Chinese!

Boycotting products from China can also be good because many Chinese are suffering from seriously low quality products produced by many heartless corrupt businesses in China. The majority of Chinese consumers actually suffer from the so-called economic development, though many of them may not realize how bad it is (they will know it soon when they have cancer).

Therefore, boycott made in China, not only for Burmese, Darfuris, and North Koreans, but also for Chinese!

It is time to give dictators and heartless producers a wake up call!

2008 is the best and perhaps the ONLY chance for us, Chinese, to stand up and do something, not only for ourselves, but also for the world of third world dictatorial countries!

We can only live once. If there is any meaning to life at all, it would be to live to see that there is at least some justice and human dignity that we can pursue. We don't just go to work, eat, sleep, and die like other animals. But that's what the Chinese Communist Party wants you to do!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tu Tu May Boycott Beijing Olympics, if Situations in Burma and Darfur Do Not Improve

The following is a message from the Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Demond Tu Tu, on the possibility of Boycotting Beijing Olympics which is available on youtube:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Human Rights Torch Counters Communist Torch

The Global Human Rights Torch Relay launched by the CIPFG has started in Athen since August 9, 2007. Reportedly, the Human Rights Torch arrived in Berlin on August 25. According to the mission stated on the CIPFG.org website, the Global Human Rights Torch Relay aims at telling the Chinese Communist Party, a dictator in China, to stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Through the Global Human Rights Torch Relay, CIPFG calls on the international community to boycott the Olympic Games in Beijing as long as the crimes against humanity persists.

The following is a series of videos about the progress of the Human Rights Torch Relay:

Monday, August 27, 2007

South Koreans Say "No Human Rigths, No Olympics"

On August 18, 2007, some North Korean human rights activists held a protest denouncing Beijing Olympics in light of China's human rights violations as well as its repatriation of North Korean refugee's back to North Korea.

The following is a video on youtube showing how some North Korean human rights activities shouted "no human rights, no Olympics!" in Soeul, Korea.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

China: Politicizing Product Safety but Not the Olympics

To the Chinese Communist Party, human rights are politics. In most advanced civilized nations, however, human rights are part of human principles and human value.

The Chinese Communist Party continually warns the world that no one should politicize the Olympics based on its major human rights violation in China. However, human rights groups all over the world believe the Olympics promotes human values and human principles and, therefore, the dismal human rights condition in china should be seriously considered in determining whether the Chinese Communist Party, a dictator in China, is legitimate to host the Olympics.

What is ironic is, the Chinese Communist Party has tried its best to politicize its own food and product safety problems in its exports to the world. Instead of trying to improve on its poor inspection and high corruption that have led to tainted food, exploding tires, and unsafe toys, the Chinese Communist Party has tried to unreasonably tighten its import standards for goods importing from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and the U.S. Instead of admitting its negligence and liability, the Chinese Communist Party has tried to frame others countries as if they have been purposely using product safety to deter China's export growth.

Politicizing product safety, but not the Olympics, is certainly a strategy that the Chinese Communist Party has adopted. Unfortunately, whereas the Chinese Communist Party is a monopoly of all politics in China, it has no right to victimize conscious consumers in the world by selling them unsafe products. This is pure consumerism, not politics, when it comes to consumption of unsafe products.

Perhaps, the Chinese Communist Party should change their vocabularies as soon as possible before it is sanctioned by all the consumers all over the world. This is NOT politics, but conscious consumers' rational decision -- stop buying any suspicious products from China.

The following are two videos from the CNN News available on youtube about the problems of China unsafety products:









Monday, August 13, 2007

Designer of Olympics Bird Nest Criticizes Beijing Olympics

Ai WeiWei, a designer for Beijing Olympics stadiums, said Beijing was using pomp and propaganda to hide the true face of China. He cited many human rights violation cases in Beijing resulted from the Olympics. An example is labor exploitation of constructions workers at the Beijing Olympics sites. He also criticized the Chinese Communist Party that its effort to stop air pollution in Beijing just for the Olympics was pathetic.

The following is a video available on youtube posted by "AlJazeeraEnglish" containing an interview with Ai WeiWei:

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Beijing Olympics Renamed as Animal Olympics by Simon Clegg?

To defend against any boycott of Beijing Olympics, Simon Clegg, the British Olympic Association chief executive, has submissively agreed to the Chinese Communist Party propaganda that no one should "politicize" the Olympics. He has also implied that Human Rights problems in China is some "politics" that he and his association will not consider because they are "apolitical"!

If the Olympics no longer respects human rights and human value, should it be considered as an event for human beings at all? Can we call the Olympics "Animal Olympics" from now on? I suppose we may add to it events such as pig racing and cockroach racing! Why would the Olympics be restricted to human beings anyway?

I believe the committee members of the International Olympics Committee would not really mind after all. In their minds, human rights and human value are nothing compared to the sports event itself.

By treating human rights issues as political issues and by maintaining itself "apolitical", the International Olympics Committee may as well be called "International Animal Olympics Committee". Why would any of these apolitical members of the committee care anyway if they are indifferent to human rights. Calling their association an "animal organization" or calling the Olympics the "Animal Olympics" should not be a problem. I believe these apolitical people will accept the new name "peacefully"!

In any case, since Simon Clegg, the British Olympic Association chief executive, has openly declared that he is apolitical towards Human Rights issues, we can safely call him an "animal" and the British Olympic Association "the British Animal Olympic Association"! A person being apolitical on any human rights issues should certain be indifferent to being called an "animal" anyway! The Chinese Communist Party which has never respected much human rights in China can be called the "Chinese Animal Communist Party"! And no complain please cause we should keep everything "apolitical"!


Tibetans protesting in China

The "Students for a Free Tibet", an international organization has sent its members to China to protest against China's invasion and occupation of Tibet several times this year. They protested at least three times within China this year. Its members put up signs protesting against the communist Olympics to be hosted in Beijing and the invasion of Tibet by the Chinese Communist Party once in Beijing, once on the top of Mount Everest, and once at the Great Wall of China. Each time members of the Students for a Free Tibet were arrested and detained. The lastest episode was the arresting of the director of the Students for a Free Tibet in Beijing, who was writing her blog about the things happening there.

Reportedly, some of the members involved in these protests were released.

A banner put up in Beijing:

A banner put up on the top of Mount Everest:

A banner put up at the Great Wall of China:

Students of a Free Tibet Director, Lhadon Tethong, before Her Arrest:





Monday, August 6, 2007

Hormone-free Pigs for Olympics, not for Chinese!

The Chinese Communist Party has suddenly realized that China with a high rate of economic growth has so many unsolvable problems, ranging from deaths of Chinese due to pollution to tainted food that kills foreign citizens and pets.

Despite lagging far behind the WWII losing country, Japan, in its economic and scientific development for more than a few decades, the Chinese Communist Party is trying its very best to showcase its "great achievements" through the hosting of the Olympics in 2008. With all the unsolvable problems that it has created in the name of economic development, the Chinese Communist Party has to defend its legitimacy as a government of China by covering up all these serious problems.

About a month ago, the Chinese Communist Party has started to move highly polluting industries away from Beijing. Now, it declares to supply Olympics athletes with hormone-free pork. Instead of promising Chinese citizens that it will provide long-term solutions to these obvious problems to save lives of Chinese and non-Chinese, the Chinese Communist Party has chosen to cover up these problems temporarily. No wonder this once-civilized and powerful country, China, has become a poor country with a per capita GDP less than one-tenth of that of the WWII loser Japan!

So, what will happen after the Olympics? Everything will be back to normal. Air pollution in Beijing will rise at around 20% a year, not to mention its sandstorm that is created by the colonization of Chinese in Inner Mongolia; tainted food will continue to kill Chinese and non-Chinese as usual without any serious control by the Chinese Communist Party.

What then is the meaning of the Olympics to be hosted in China in 2008? A big show that tells the world that no matter how corrupt a country is, it will still receive support from athletes and non-athletes all over the world in the name of sports! Don't mix up politics and sports. This is what the Chinese Communist Party tries to preach. One of these days, some Mafia organizations will be hosting some sports events too. Should we support them too? Someone will come out and tell us not to mix up public security and sports! Just watch out!


Saturday, August 4, 2007

Olympics Host Engages in Burmese Missile Race

A recent article by a Burmese human rights group, Human Dictator Watch, suggests that Russia and China might have helped the Burmese dictatorship in developing a new missile site which may create serious regional arms imbalance. The missiles alleged supplied by the North Korean dictatorship represent that target the airbases in Thailand represent a major threat not only to Thailand but its surrounding small countries.

Some research done by the BBC inside Burma has also suggested that there is evidence of uranium refinery in Burma. Will Burma turn into a second North Korea that receives consultation from Russia and China, eventually allowing it to come up with some evil intention of becoming a nuclear weapon possessing country?

The lack of weapon sale control and nuclear technology transfer makes the Olympics host, China, a dangerous and likely irresponsible power in the next ten years. Instead of invading Afghanistan, this new power is now well-known for imposing major threats to the world indirectly! From indirectly encouraging Iran and North Korea to maintain nuclear facilities without being sanctioned, to selling arms to Sudan and Burma, this Olympics host is certainly totally unprepared to become the world's number 3 economy.

Perhaps, it is time for the world to let this 2008 Olympics host understand the Spiderman philosophy, namely, "With great power, comes great responsibility."

World peace first, Olympics second!

What is the purpose for allowing a country that fails to keep up its responsibility of maintaining world peace to host the Olympics? There are so many human-right-respecting free countries in the world. Why should anyone, except for some irresponsible corporations, support the Olympics to hosted by a human-right-violating, world-peace-disrespecting communist dictatorship? Why should a global citizen spend even a penny on Olympics related commercial products which will eventually be used to strengthen the power of an irresponsible and dangerous dictatorship?



Thursday, July 12, 2007

Limiting Foreigner Transplants Just For Olympics

The Chinese Communist Party has been seriously criticized by many human right advocates in some advanced nations for conducting internationally unacceptable practice of organ harvest. A study by two Canadian renowned politicians has shown solid evidence that the Chinese Communist Party has harvested internal organs from prisoners and Falun Gong practitioners without obtaining their consents. Some of the organs may even have been removed from these victims while they were still alive.

To avoid another boycott (besides the boycott due to Darfur genocide) of Beijing Olympics, the Chinese Communist Party has finally decided to cover up the organ harvest case by making organ transplants illegal for foreigners temporarily. The problem with the seemingly compromising action is that despite the restriction on foreigner transplants, there is no guarantee that prisoners and Falun Gong practitioners will not be executed without receiving fair trials.

The action also cannot guarantee that organs removed from prisoners will not be stored for future usage or even for exports. Still another problem is that the new restriction may be temporary and will be removed soon after Beijing Olympics is over.

The following are two videos uploaded by youtubers "GeorgiaY" and "pfict" about organ harvest conducted by the Chinese Communist Party:







Monday, July 9, 2007

"We Want Human Rights, Not Olympics" Champaign in China

Two Chinese dissidents who launched the "We Want Human Rights, Not Olympics" champaign were arrested. Reportedly, the champaign has successfully collected over 10,000 signatures from different parts of China. Supporters range from farmers and miners to students and professors.

Radio Free Asia (RFA) tried to confirm the incident with local police but did not receive any confirmation. A supporting miner told RFA that mine owners have consistently failed to pay them salaries. Complaint made to local Chinese Communist Party officials has so far been ineffective. This is one of the major reasons why he has supported the "We Want Human Rights, Not Olympics" champaign.

http://www.rfa.org/cantonese/xinwen/2007/07/09/china_petition/index.html?simple=1 (in Chinese)
http://www.rfa.org/cantonese/xinwen/2007/07/09/c0709sw.mp3?simple=1 (audio in Cantonese)

Bring Tibet to the 2008 Games

Nine Tibetan exciles living in Switzerland announced that they planned to form the Tibetan Team to participate in Beijing Olympics 2008. These Tibetans are now seeking moral support from the Swiss public, through offering training facility and sponsoring.


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Slavery Olympics and Slavery World Wonder

Slavery 2000 years ago and slavery 2000 years later!

This was China in the Chin Dynasty 2000 years ago and this is China under the communist regime 2000 years later. Anyone knows and anyone cares about the Great Wall of China being built by slaves back in the Chin Dynasty? The name China originated from the word "Chin" which was the name of an empire built by the barbaric Chin/Han race originally resided in the northwestern part of Asian Mainland around the Yellow River region.

Chin was initially a small barbaric country which was not civilized despite its advancement in warfare strategy and weapons 2000 years ago. After invading the eastern and the southern parts of Asia Mainland, it declared "unification" of a great nation when in fact it was nothing more than "invasion" of the more civilized countries in the eastern and in the southern parts of Asian Mainland.

The so-called "Chinese" history (official history written by the Chin Dynasty) recorded that after the invasion, the king of Chin had killed many scholars (perhaps civilized citizens in the southern nation) and burned many books (perhaps books and historical records written by the civilized race in the south, the Yuet race).

The king of Chin then enslaved many citizens from the southern nation and ordered them to build the so-called Great Wall of China which served to block any attacks from the even more barbaric race further north (the Huns).

The story of slavery did not end there! Recently, there was real slavery (as opposed to economic slavery) found in Shanxi province in China. Reportedly, local Chinese Communist officials ganged up with gangsters to abduct out-of-province laborers and children. They then sold them to kiln owners as slaves. From the media of Henan, 1000 children were missing. However, only about 100 were rescued. There was no further progress of the rescue being reported.

What is ironic is that in the name of stopping slavery, the Chinese Communist Party invaded Tibet, claiming that Tibetan monks were practicing slavery. What is more ironic is that the true slavery practitioner will be hosting the Olympic Games in 2008. What is even more ironic is that the symbol of slavery, the Great Wall of China, has just been elected as the number 1 World Wonder!






Saturday, July 7, 2007

"What Ifs" of Beijing Olympics

1. What if air pollution in Beijing is not getting better? It has been known that every year, some professional athletes going to the Hong Kong Standard Chartered Bank Marathon end up with some health problems, ranging from fainting to heart attacks. Will international athletes die at the Beijing Olympics or at least have their performance negatively affected due to severe air pollution?

2. What if tap water gets polluted? It is known that China under the so-called "communist regime" does not have any good public health care system. Where would international athletes receive medical treatment and at what costs?

3. What if the victims of forced eviction in the name of Olympics protest on the street blocking Marathon runners from finishing their race?

4. What if Taiwan declares itself an independent state permanently departing from Mainland China? Will Beijing Olympics turn out to be the first War Olympics or Invasion Olympics in human history?

5. What if North Korea and Iran announce that they will speed up their nuclear weapon development programs and the U.S. would like China to vote at the UN Security Council for immediate sanction against these countries? Will the U.S. boycott Beijing Olympics at the middle of the game when China declines the sanction proposal?

6. What if reporters from all over the world who go to China insist in reporting news related to Tibet, East Turkistan, and other even more sensitive issues? Will reporters boycott all forms of coverage of Beijing Olympics when some of them are arrested reporting the sensitive issues?

7. What if Olympics catering carelessly feeds international athletes with poisonous food which leads to the death of some of them?

8. What if some of the Olympics constructions collapse due the use of fake or substandard construction materials?

9. What if human right groups march to the street in Beijing protesting against the human right violation by the Chinese Communist Party in China? What if the majority of Chinese demand immediate political reform towards democracy at the middle of the Olympics?

10. What if severe sandstorm continue non-stop for a week?

11. What if college students in Beijing repeat what happened on June 4, 1989?

12. What if the People's Liberation Army officials press a wrong button and launch a missile carrying a nuclear warhead that eventually hits Japan?

13. What if the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Church accuses the Pope of provoking Chinese Catholics to revolt against the Chinese Communist Party? Will the Pope announce a world-wide boycott of the Olympics by all Catholics right at the middle of the Olympics?

14. Will the numerous riots and protests in China get even bigger and more frequent during the Olympic Games? Will the Chinese Communist Party declare Martial Law and impose curfew on all people, including international athletes, in Beijing?

Well, the possibilities seem endless! Perhaps, any imaginative being will be able to create another list that is much longer and much more likely to happen than mine!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Global Protest by Activists Against Beijing Olympics on August 8

Reportedly, some right groups have planned to protest against Beijing Olympics 2008 on Aug. 8, exactly one year prior to the opening ceremonies.

Amnesty International is considering a demonstration at the Chinese embassy in Washington. Dictator Watch (www.dictatorwatch.org) a watchdog of Burma genocide has also announced at its website that it has set Aug. 8 as the "Worldwide Day of Action". Tibetans have also planned for actions at Major League Baseball Games and will formally launch a Web site focusing on the Olympics.

The recent face saving actions taken to improve human right conditions in China by the Chinese Communist Party have been seen as superficial. Reportedly, 1000 child slaves were abducted by local gangsters and Chinese Communist Party members in Shanxi. So far, however, only a hundred or so have been rescued and 12 only people have being prosecuted.

On the issue of Darfur Genocide, the Chinese Communist Party has finally agreed that the UN may send peacemaking troops to Sudan to avoid massive genocide to take place. However, the Chinese Communist Party is still strongly against any form of economic sanction against the Sudanese dictatorship.

On organ harvesting, instead of seriously arresting Party members involved in organ harvesting, the Chinese Communist Party has set restrictions on foreigners for obtaining organs possibly harvested from unwilling prisoners and Falun Gong practitioners.

On other international issues such as violation of human rights, jailing dissidents with fair trials, suppression of religion, suppression of freedom of expression, invasion of Tibet, copyright violation, etc, the Chinese Communist Party has been known to be firm for ignoring any international pressure.





Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A World Bank Report Indicates a Clean Beijing Olympics Unlikely

Whereas the Chinese Communist Party has become more sensitive to its environment record, a study conducted by the World Bank has indicated that more than 750,000 Chinese die of air-pollution related diseases prematurely every year. This report certainly smacks on the face of the Environmental Department in China which just declared that the Chinese Communist Party would dedicate its full effort to make Beijing Olympics a "Green Olympics".

Ironically, the Chinese Communist Party had just warned the World Bank that the report should cut off the intimidating figure to avoid any panic. The final version of the World Bank air pollution report, therefore, may not contain the important figure about the horrifying truth about the severity of China air pollution. However, that does not mean the Chinese Communist Party will be able to control air pollution. It only shows once again that the Chinese Communist Party is able to control media as usual.



Monday, July 2, 2007

A Video on the March of July 1 in Hong Kong

63,000 Hong Kongers participated in the march of July 1 to protest against the blockage of universal suffrage by the Chinese Communist Party. The following is a video available on youtube:

Sunday, July 1, 2007

68,000 People March in Hong Kong Showing Dissatisfaction of the Communist Regime

There were about 68,000 protesters in Hong Kong who joined the July 1 March to voice their dissatisfaction about the Chinese Communist Regime.

Under the Basic Law, an agreement set up jointly by the U.K. government and the Chinese Communist Party in China, Hong Kong has been entitled the unconditional right to elect its own governor and members of its Legislative Council. The Chinese Communist Party has continually argued unilaterally without fundamental justification that the Basic Law is a "subset" of the Constitution of China under the communist regime. Therefore, the right of Universal Suffrage can only been granted by the Chinese Communist Party.

Dissatisfaction and mistrust amongst the people in Hong Kong towards the Chinese Communist Party has been growing since the outbreak of SARS in 2003. This continues to be the case despite the tighter control exerted by the Chinese Communist Party over the media in Hong Kong and Hong Kong's booming economy.

Most protesters are angry about the continual obstruction of the Universal Suffrage by the Chinese Communist Party which has been the basic right of Hong Kong people granted by the Basic Law. As of today, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong who was appointed by the Chinese Communist Party has refused to state a clear road map or a timetable for when Universal Suffrage will actually occur.

The Universal Suffrage in Hong Kong is believed by most of the people in Hong Kong as an good example which will eventually guide the political reform in China.

The Chinese Communist Party has been a dictatorship in China since 1949.





Saturday, June 30, 2007

Olympic Freedom T-Shirt Movement

Mr. Kai Chen, an Los Angeles resident, has printed up 500 T-shirts with his own money and has begun a campaign asking athletes and tourists to wear his T-shirt when they take part in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Reportedly, the front of the white cotton shirt bears the words "Beijing 1989 Tiananmen," with the red font dripping down onto "2008 Olympics".


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rise of East Turkestan Militants and Beijing Olympics

The Chinese Communist Party has invaded East Turkistan since the end of WWII. East Turkistanis have been suppressed in many aspects, such as no regligious freedom, strict population control, isolation from the world, deprivation of education opportunities, racial discrimination, colonization by Mainland Chinese, etc.

Normal East Turkistanis have remained rather neutral and wish to receive more religious freedom. They still represent the majority of East Turkistanis in the so-call "Xinjiang/Uighur" region (formally known as East Turkistan/East Turkestan in history). Reportedly, however, Uighur militant groups (such as the East Turkestan Islamic Movement) have grown larger and have developed some linkage with al-Qaida. These militants receive training from the al-Qaida and desperately want East Turkestan to regain its previous status as an independent state.

Human rights group, such as Amnesty International, have repeatedly suggested to the Chinese Communist Party that its suppression of human rights in the region is not a solution to the East Turkistan problem. In fact, such suppression only turns a normal East Turkistani into an aggressive militant.

Some other sources (such as the Council of Foreign Relations), however, do not believe the claim by the Chinese Communist Party that Xinjiang separatist groups, including the ETIM, really threaten Chinese control of the region. The potential for the Uighur conflict to radicalize certainly, on the other hand, makes the Beijing Olympics much more unsafe than most people would expect.

The above photo is from http://www.uygur.org




Sunday, June 24, 2007

Invading Taiwan using Olympics Torch

The Beijing Olympics organizers have warned Taiwan, a virtually independent state that could not get a UN membership because of political reasons, that if it does not allow the Olympics Torch to pass through, then Taiwanese atheletes will not be able to participate in Beijing Olympics in 2008.

The organizer proposed that the torch should arrive in Taiwan from Vietnam on April 30, 2008. Then the torch will go to Hong Kong and Macau, two cities occupied by China since 1997 and 1999. Many Taiwanese have pushed for a route that passes Taiwan via Asian countries other than China.

According to the Olympics Charter, the Olympic Games are hosted by cities and participants are individual athletes, instead of individual nations. Using the Olympics torch as a political threat to force individual athletes out of the Olympics is a major violation of the Olympics Charter!


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Green Games Turn Grey

To prepare for Beijing Olympics 2008, the Chinese Communist Party has set some pollution target for Beijing.

It turns out that Beijing was unable to meet the target in May. In fact, the month of May turned out to be the most pollution month of the year!

By moving polluting industries out of Beijing, the Chinese Communist Party has been hoping to reduce the level of air pollution in Beijing to an acceptable level so that Beijing can host Olympics 2008 in a "glamorous" way! As usual, the Chinese Communist Party has overlooked many factors. The Northwestern region is the culprit for producing the smog in Beijing. Moving a bunch of substandard powerplants or factories in Beijing cannot solve the air pollution problem in Beijing because the pollutants are produced in areas close to Beijing but not in Beijing itself.

Now, the Chinese Communist Party must be worried about their dreams in their own world because their so-called "Green Games" will turn grey!


Boycott Beijing Olympics 2008 for Burma

In seek of more natural resources that can fuel its high caliber of economic growth, China has been aligning with third world Asian and African countries, regardless of whether these countries have extremely poor human rights records.

In 2005, for instance, PetroChina signed an agreement with the Burmese dictatorship to obtain 6.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. In addition, China imported timber, gems, marbles, and other national resources from Burma. In exchange, China provided medicine, facilities, chemical products, agricultural technology, ... and above all, tanks, missiles, fighter planes, machine guns, ...

The current Burma is a military-state and a dictatorship. China is now the major supplier providing the Burmese dictatorship with 90% of its arms and amunition.

Human right reports indicate with photos and other solid evidence that the Burmese Army burns down villages, beats up children, and kills civilians. Some civilians become slaves working without any wages.

The Burmese Army also gang rapes women throughout Shan, Karen, Chin, and other states in Burma. To date, it is estimated that there are 2 million Burmese refugees. A huge number of people have been killed or died from disease and malnutrition with their homes destroyed.

The following video is dedicated to the boycott of Beijing Olympics 2008 for those Burmese who are suffering from the genocide committed by the Burmese dictatorship.




Dictator Watch www.dictatorwatch.org

Free Burma Rangers www.freeburmarangers.org