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Writing by Elijah Shifrin on 15 Apr 2008 6:12 AM
Pansa Sunavee
Born in Thailand in 1972, Pansa Sunavee earned his Poh-Chang Institute Art Degree in 1991 and Ramkhamhaeng University Philosophy Diploma in 1998.

Pansa Sunavee is an incredibly versatile abstract and surrealist artist working in a wide assortment of media: ink, acrylics, tempera and colored pencil, to name just a few.

His paintings are characterized by explosive energy, swift linear curving and curling movement and racing, unconventional compositions. He constantly experiments with color and media, seeking to capture these qualities on canvas, paper or any other surface that would prove durable enough to bear them.

Despite the inherent volatility, one can also spot a thoughtful streak, especially in the black and white works. It may appear as if the artist suddenly stops in the middle of a painting frenzy and carefully contemplates his next brush stroke. These interruptions, perceived more from the mood rather than any specific feature of each piece, impart both a mystery and a balance to the artwork.

Pansa Sunavee has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions. Check out his "Multi style" series, "A Moment of Movement" series, "Inner - Nature" series, "Dynamic drawing" series, "The rock legend to the heart of sea" series and the "Wind of time" series.

Dongyun Lee
Writing by Josef Lee on 14 Apr 2008 5:04 AM
Dongyun Lee

Dongyun Lee was born in Seoul Korea. After he got a BFA in Visual Communication Design from Kyunghee University, he moved to United States and studied Animation at Savannah College of Art and Design for a year. Fom there, he transferred to the School of Visual Arts(SVA). He is going to receive a Master Degree in Illustration in May 2008.

Currently, Dongyun Lee is focusing on Freelance illustration jobs and Gallery shows. He was recently interviewed by DesignNet (in Korean) and got an honorable mention from Playboy. Also check out his new book, Hurt, a limited edition of 400 copies, with 58 pages of beautifully illustrations printed on high quality Japanese paper, and comes with a 30" x 20" poster.

Erika Yamashiro
Erika Yamashiro, born in Okinawa, Japan and currently working out of Tokyo has a very dreamy quality to her artwork. Her choice of colors are very subdued and her paintings often incorporate the female figure, some self-portraits, amidst fascinating landscapes.

Erika will be exhibiting at Project:Gallery in LA from April 19 to May 2, 2008- her US debut. Also check out more of her work on her website.

Kyung Soon Park

Kyung Soon Park was born in South Korea and fondly remembers many wild childhood memories. She still likes adventures and trying new things as much as possible.

After graduating from Sheridan ITAL with a Bachelor in Illustration, Kyung is now living in a sweet, sweet home in Canada with Perry who loves sushi as much as she doe

Kim Joon

"I am interested in tattoo as a metaphor for hidden desire or a kind of compulsion engraved into human consciousness. I see the skin, or in some cases the monitor, as an extension of a canvas."

Born in Seoul, Korea in 1966, Kim Joon is an artist who graduated with a Masters in Painting from Hongik University in Korea.

In Kim Joon’s works, the human body becomes the canvas. Tattooing is a social taboo in Korea, where it is preconceived to be carried only by criminals and prisoners. However, tattooing is fast becoming popular as the younger generation craves for more individuality. Yet, only qualified medical professionals can perform the procedures and many tattoo artists practise their trade in secret. Mocking the authorities, Kim Joon paints ironic and iconic imagery on his subjects. The individual is lost amidst the clamoring colors, patterns and brand images.

Kim Joon was originally a painter interested in exploring the dynamics and tensions that exist between the mental and physical realms. He first became interested in the process of tattooing in college and while serving a three year military term in Seoul, Korea. During his time in school and the military, he began to give home-made tattoos to his friends. When making these tattoos, Kim Joon used needle, thread, and Chinese ink. He would dip the thread into the Chinese ink and let it drip down the needle into the skin.

In Kim Joon's works, which he likes to describe as "paintings", the artist uses water based markers to create the designs. His process involves taking a piece of sponge and covering it in a layer of traditional cloth that is used as fabric liner in Korean sewing. The lining is then covered with very transparent fabric, and painted two coats of a skin colored hue.

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