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Dog Is God Spelled Backwards!
What happens when life has a null value?

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The insane killing of 50,000 dogs in Red China sparks calls for an international boycott of products made in China

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This killing of over 50,000 dogs in Red China has sparked outrage among dog lovers around the world. Internat chat rooms are echoed with debate, with some people claiming that dogs in Red China have no more value than a piece of meat, given many Chinese eat dogs. Yet the value of dogs, man's best friend can not be equated with beef, pork, chickens or other animals which have been domesticated by man for food because the relationship between man and dogs is one which involve the very soul of humanity, and to break that bond risks creating people and a society that is without a conscience, indeed, without a soul.

That dogs can be so easily slaughtered with such cruelty by order of communist government officials begs the question, what is the real value of dogs? Are humans more valuable than dogs? Is this even a proper question to ask, given all animals are different and have a different value? Certainly dogs have qualities that humans can never match and in many respects may be considered both superior to humans and capable of tasks that humans could never perform alone. Thus the bond of man and dog was formed to reward each and, indeed, add to the value of each species, as greater when bonded than alone.

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Fig. 1 Officials employed by the Red Chinese communist government went door to door confiscating dogs, then beat the dogs to death upon the street, often in front of their owners, in southwest China's Yunnan province. The killing spree began on July 26, 2006 and the slughtering of beloved pets went on for five days until over 50,000 dogs were savagely killed! Photo Courtesy of EyePress/AP

One may make a good argument that humans are NOT more valuable than dogs! Some humans may be more intelligent than some dogs, but probably most, if not all, dogs have a higher IQ when it comes to their sense of smell than do people. When it comes to survival dogs and humans formed a bond which contributes to the survival of BOTH species. Thus when that bond is broken, the survival potential of both species goes down.

Killing 50,000 dogs in Red China will reduce the health and welfare of every single pet owner who had its most dearly loved companion bludgeoned to death by order of communist government officials. Such acts of cruelty always result in damaging psychological consequences, especially when children see something like this happen to a pet they cherished.

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Fig. 2 After dogs were torn from their owners and savagely beat to death in front of men, women and children who weeped and pleded for their pet's lives, their battered bodies with broken bones and skulls were thrown into trucks, the flesh to be processed for eating and the fur to be harvested for usage in commerce. Photo Courtesy of EyePress/AP

I dare say that in the eyes of God and Nature all creatures are equal! Man is worth no more than a dog and certainly some dogs (in fact MOST dogs) that I have known are worth more than some people I've known!

Quite frankly I'd not give an infinitesimal fraction of a yuan for any of those communist government officials who ordered the mass murder of 50,000 dogs! And I'd give even less for those who did the bludgeoning.

When it comes to the value of an animal what are you basing this on? There are race horses valued at millions of dollars! Even a vial of their semen is worth a pretty penny! These horses are not valued so highly because they are any more or less smart that any other horse; rather, they are so valuable because they can run fast and win races in which people gamble and risk great fortunes! In other words, they are highly valued as they make their owners rich!

Thus one way to determine the "value" of a species is to consider its market value. Some dogs have a very high market value, given they are champion show dogs and can win awards for their owners as well as prestige in dog circles. There are some people which value a good show dog much higher than any of their human counter parts. Breeding such champion dogs is big business also.

As for the worth of dogs as working animals and their bond with humans, I recall the story of Balto, a lead slid dog in the final cross wilderness trek to Nome, Alaska, in 1925 which delivered serum during a deadly outbreak of diphtheria. A statue was built in New York City's Central Park which I recall seeing as a child when only seven years old. My mother had taken me there prior to boarding an airplane to fly to France, and I remember her saying, "Balto was a great dog! He saved hundreds of lives! Don't ever forget! I never did forget Balto but apparently many people have never heard this tale, of when teams of gallant mushers and their slid dogs crossed the great whiteness through fringed storms and harsh blizzards, lead by courageous dogs like Balto and another named Togo. These were canine heros which carried life saving serum over great distances of harsh frozen wilderness with temperatures so low metal shattered like glass, enduring great hardship to save hundreds of lives. I wonder what the value of the lives of these dogs was to those whom lives they saved? Perhaps that's why a statue was erected in Central Park to Balto, that none would ever forget, dogs save lives and have a value beyond measure! I might add dogs also save souls as certainly anyone who bludgeons a dog to death has lost their soul as has their state or nation to permit such a horrid atrocities!

This is just one example of dogs having saved or rescued humans. Service dogs have aided in the rescue of victims of earthquakes, avalanches and acts of terrorism. Bomb sniffing canines regularly help secure airline systems. A bomb sniffing dog may one day help save your life! So what is the value of dogs? Are humans really more valuable than dogs or even at a "higher level" on whatever scale you want to judge people and humans?

Given the cruelty of human beings, their inhumanity to man and animals alike, I'd tend to say that at least in the eyes of God, dogs are on a much higher level than humanity. By the way, dogs spelled backwards is GOD! And for those who believe that God is Love, certainly the bond between dog and man warrants that dogs be regarded as able to love on an equal level with humanity.

To order that patrols armed with clubs go out, round up all the dogs and bludgeon them to death is akin to rounding up a nation's first born children and killing them or crucifying a band of rebellious gladiators on the roads to Rome as punishment for their desire to be free from a state which entertains itself by watching people kill each other! The mass murder of 50,000 dogs is barbaric, uncivilized and unacceptable as a form of behavior for anyone who wants to count themselves among the human race!

Certainly there are entire societies who do not value the lives of dogs any more than they do those of the people which make up the majority of their population. In Red China your life is not worth much unless you are a member of the communist party. Your life is worth nothing if you are a dissident, individual or free thinker who dares to speak out against the communist government. Your life is worth even less if you are a dog. This is true, and has been made obvious by the killing of 50,000 canines, even in the "Year of the Dog!"

The question must then be asked, what is the value of the life of Red Chinese communist officials? To me these people's lives have no value. I give their lives the same value they give to dogs! The value of the life of those who ordered and participated in this mass killing of canine companions is hereby set to null, zero, nothing!

In doing this any response is thus justified for when the value of life is set to null or zero, that life may be exterminated, just as was done by the Nazis to Jews, Christians, intellectuals and others during the reign of the Third Reich. Thus you see where this argument that the value of life, be it humans or dogs, leads when that value is set to null or zero. It means that millions upon millions of people can be exterminated without blinking and eye.

This is the reason that we who love dogs and who cherish life must never really set the value of any life, be it human or dogs to zero. It is also why we must speak out loudly and protest in any way that we can against such cruelty to animals as the bludgeoning to death of 50,000 dogs by communist government officials. It tells us that they do not value life, and that is a very frightening realization when it comes to being armed with thermonuclear warheads mounted atop ICBMs and pointed at America!

The killing of 50,000 dogs by order of communist government officials is just one more indication that life has little or no value to those who control Red China and when combined with all their other atrocities should make people quite alarmed. The idea that trading a regime which has little value for human life will somehow save up from being targeted by them for destruction is a delusion which could be catastrophic!

Wake up people! The killing of 50,000 dogs by order of communist government officials sends a clear signal that no one safe so long as any who do not value life have control of weapons of mass destruction. This applies to Red China, North Korea, Iran and any other nations controlled by dictators, despots, tyrants or other power craved lunatics.

If we let what is happening in China and around the world go unchallenged, then one day we may be the ones who are bludgeoned to death, not by clubs, but by nuclear weapons imported to every major city in America via a Trojan horse that looks like an innocent shipment of ceramic vases! We will never know what hit us and the Red Chinese will come to control the world!

Let not these 50,000 dog have died in vain! Their howling cries should alarm all humanity. Hear their howls yet in death as they are tell us to beware! These dying, crying, howling dogs are telling us that something is terribly wrong, that something has been broken, that unless we see want it is, then their cries will become our cries as we too parish being beaten, battered and bludgeoned to death by the tyrants of the world!

Let these 50,000 dogs who have perished in the Year of the Dog ring the bell and sound the alarm that Red China is still red and that red means blood flowing from the heart of all humanity, than no single life, be it man or beast, has significance and that it is only the party which matters!

This is why the United State of America and all free nations must rise up and not let the howls and cries of these 50,000 dogs which have been bludgeoned to death go unanswered. We who love life and freedom must hear the cries of the howling dogs wherever a single dog suffers, wherever a single child starves, wherever a single act of inhumanity occurs, be it upon our own shores on in far distant lands.

We are not free unless all people are free. Our lives can be taken away in a single moment without notice by acts of terrorism, be they committed by bands of radical Islamic fundamentalist or nuclear armed communist states bent upon world domination and out destruction.

The killing of 50,000 dogs in Red China has sounded the alarm. The communist officials who control the government in Red China do not value life. They trade with the United States and our allies only to gain an advantage and will one day turn against us. They are the real wild dogs, the real and present danger, that will turn upon us and destroy us, least we realize what is going on in Red China and stand up firmly against all acts of man's inhumanity to man.

Whatever the argument to the contrary, it is but an excuse to blind us, to cast a veil and hide the evil intent of communist leaders to ultimately destroy America. The death of 50,000 dogs today could be 300 million Americans tomorrow!

I therefore urge that everyone who becomes aware of the killing of these 50,000 dogs in Red China, listen to their howls and hear their agonizing cries. Just because a tree falls in the wilderness does not mean it made no sound as it came crashing to the ground. Likewise, just because these 50,000 dogs were bludgeoned to death half way around the world does not mean they died silently or in vain. Listen yet and you will hear the echoes of their anguish, for they died howling for their families, for those who loved them, bewildered and betrayed by the very state unto which they were born!

This is not acceptable. This is why all who love dogs and all who value life, must not let the howls of these 50,000 dogs go unanswered. Take a stand against this horrible treatment of animals. Take a stand against the very existence of communism as the people's government in Red China! Take a stand today, that tomorrow we will still be around to deal these people a fatal blow instead of vice versa.

I urge that everyone join with me in an international boycott of products made in Red China and a call for the overthrow of the communist government in Red China. Let us all do whatever we can to bring about the fall of the communism in Red China, in North Korea, in Cuba and everywhere else that tyranny reigns free!

Join with me and Boycott K9 Killers! Pledge yourself to not buy any products knowingly made in Red China or to do any business with Red China so long as communist control the government and there is no democracy in Red China.

This is the least that we who love life and our canine companions can do in answer to the howls of 50,000 dogs bludgeoned to death! Yet with this small beginning we shall in time grow strong and our enemy weak that on the nest tomorrow it will be the stars and stirpes still flying in the dawns early light, and the blood red flag with golden stars will have gone the way of the hammer and sickle, rusted into oblivion and blown away with the wind!

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Other political actions you may take

1. Refuse to go to the Olympics in China in 2008 and withdraw all support of the 2008 Olympics games in Red China.

2. Write the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC and express your outrage over the killing of over 50,000 dogs by order of communist government officials!

3. Write you Congressman and call for a boycott of all products made in Red China.

4. Refuse to buy any products knowingly made in China.

5. Stop shopping at Wal-Mart which buys a majority of goods made in China.

6. Write the US Olympics committee and urge that the United States teams withdraw from participation in the 2008 games in Red China.

7. Destroy all products in your home that were made in China and replace them with products made in the United States. This will also boost the American economy.

8. Hold public meetings, ralleys and gatherings and burn, bash and destroy products made in China.

9. Start Internet sites promoting the Boycott K9 Killers movement and linking to the home page of the Boycott K9 Killers movement at www.byteland.org/boycottchina/index.html

10. Buy Boycott K9 Killers movement merchandise to help promote awareness and fund this project.

11. Support this project to protest the killing of dogs in Red China by communist government officials. Please take a stand and help raise $10 million to fund the Boycott K9 Killers movement and other humanitarian projects.

12. Distribute copy of this annoucement via email to everyone you know, especially dog lovers!


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