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China is now emitting more CO2 than the United States. In 2005 China’s emissions were 2% below the US, and in 2006 they were greater by 8%. Kyoto did not hold the Chinese to any targets. They argue that did not cause the problem of global warming, so they should not be held to account for it.

Shuozhou, China: Morning commuters pass under the cooling towers of the Shengtou Power Plant , Shanxi Province. The Shengtou plant is one of the country’s largest coal burning power plants.
Photograph: Qilai Shen/EPA via The Guardian.

Tough and pure nonsense, I contend. To continue to pour out carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, with it multiple environmental implications is sheer negligence. It is now, and it was ten or twenty years ago. Unless the coal industry, regardless of country can sort out the environmental impacts it has little future. They should have been investing and researching alternative energy sources. The nanny state, in the persons of American, Australian and Chinese governments is going to the rescue of incompetent and negligent industries. In this instance governments and industries have to rely more on environmental signals rather than market signals.

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