Cops on 'roids present big problems

Cops on 'roids present big problems

Lately the sports world water calmed down, just in time for the political storms to blow in. However, another group of roid users -- law enforcement -- now grabs the headlines. (see companion story on federal authorities looking at cops on 'roids)

The Tennessee Highway Patrol announced an investigation of THP troopers engaged in steroid use or trafficking.

202cops001 The Tennessee Highway Patrol is investigating allegations of troopers using or selling steroids, a spokesman says.

Mike Browning said Monday night an internal investigation is under way into the accusations.

"It's based on allegations that came to us," he said. "We take it seriously."

A similar investigation at the Metro Nashville Police Department led to temporary disciplinary action this year against three officers, who were stripped of their badges and guns.

A Michigan grand jury indicted four policemen and a biker for a steroids trafficking ring in the Detroit area.

Four police officers and a member of the Highwaymen Motorcycle Club (HMG) have been indicted by a federal grand jury in Detroit on charges ranging from lying to federal agents, lying to a grand jury, and committing various drug offenses.

In addition, a formal criminal complaint was filed against Detroit area attorney Lee O’Brien for lying to federal agents. All charges arose from an FBI investigation that resulted in the indictment of over forty HMG members and associates last year.

David Tomlan, a Garden City police officer, was brought to the attention of the FBI by the Garden City Police Department after they discovered he had become an HMG member. Tomlan’s employment with the police department has since been terminated.

Miami police arrested a Miami police officer for purchasing steroids through the Internet.

Miami Officer John I. Fedak, a U.S. Marine reservist who recently completed a tour in Iraq, has been arrested on charges of buying steroids through the mail, police said.

He is the third Miami officer arrested this week...

Fedak, 26, was cuffed late Wednesday, charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Miami internal affairs investigators ''received information'' that Fedak, six-foot-two, 175 pounds, had been buying steroids for his own use.

Detectives teamed up with Miami-Dade police, the FBI and U.S. postal inspectors to send a phony delivery -- a package containing four vials of steroids -- to Fedak's home.

Fedak, knowing the package contained steroids, signed for the delivery and was arrested, according to his arrest report.

The Village Voice reviews the recent New York police steroid busts:

While NYPD officials boast about what they claim is a steady drop in crime on the streets, crimes committed by cops may be on the upswing.

In the past couple of years, the city's cops have not only been caught up in steroids investigations, like the one revolving around Lowen's Pharmacy in Bay Ridge; they've also been nabbed for running a Canada-to-Long-Island dope ring, stealing guns from their evidence rooms and selling them, providing muscle for an Albanian stick-up crew, pimping out teenaged girls, ratting out their own department to gangster pals, and stealing drugs to give to their informants.

Ouch. Does anyone want policemen, who carry deadly force to be increasing their aggressiveness by 'roiding? Seems the world has gone goofy.

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