Gay και Παπαδαριό...


Έχει...πλάκα όπως και αν το δει κανείς...

Romanian Orthodox Christian Nationalists Confront The Homosexual Lobby

'The Romanian Orthodox Church planned special Saturday evening masses nationwide to pray against the sins thet are being promoted by the gay-rights rally, which was described as an imoral and provocative act against the "traditional romanian christian family."
Saturday, 09.07.2007, some 1.000 nationalists marched on the streets of Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, at the call of Noua Dreapta (The New Right). The "March for Normality" was organized in response to the gay parade that took place later that day in Bucharest and in support to the traditional values of the Romanian nation. Viewers on the sidewalks and at the building windows showed their support to the messages and speeches of the romanian nationalists against homosexuality propaganda, homosexual marriage rights and children adoptions, cheering and acclaiming them. No major incidents were reported, only that some 20 left wing extremists tryed to provoke the members of Noua Dreapta, but they were immediately arrested by the police.

The gay march attracted only 300 people. The marchers were under the protection of at least 700 riot police officers. The later incidents during the gay parade were started by common people and viewers. Police fired tear gas to hold the anti-gay protesters at bay after hundreds threw stones and attempted to break through protective cordons manned by the 700 officers. Dozens were detained and later released.

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