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Fuck Red China and the Chink-lympics

Red Chinese government officials belongs in these cages, not cats.

For those not completely lobotomized to world events, the Chinese Empire is considering getting rid of their one slant per household law.

What’s going to happen when the Chinese realize there’s more land to take over outside of China?

War is coming.

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5 Responses to “Fuck Red China and the Chink-lympics”

  1. Digital Howie Says:

    Fucking pricks. And why are the Olympics being held in fucking China, the most over-populated, most polluted, most corrupt govt, most of everything that is bad in the world? Who’s dick did China suck to get the Olympics? I guess, after the cats, they’ll start collecting the poor, the maimed, the insane, and rid the streets of them too. China is led by morons, not realizing how the media that descends upon their country will report more than the scores of the games being played. Remember, sports reporters will report it all, not just the scores, ’cause sports reporters are the best journalists in the business. Get ready Red China, otherwise, you will not know what hit you over the head, like you’d know anyways.

  2. adlo Says:

    Fuck China. Chinkies suck and suffer from inferiority complex.

  3. faggot Says:

    Fuck the chinese government, what a bunch of bullshit. Hopefully, this will help rampant disease grab hold once more in that backwards shithole, anyone remember the bubonic plague? It started when suspicious retards began killing all the cats because they thought they were ‘evil’. The chinese government is the most corrupt full of shit establishment in the fucking world, even moreso than our own government. I don’t understand why they’re allowed to have the Olympics there. Oh yeah, I know some of you have seen the news lately, with the 30+ chink faggots running around the torch holder as ‘honor guards’ or some such shit. This is not chinas fucking olympics, this is the worlds olympics, such fucking bullshit.

  4. from vietnam Says:

    red china are evil empire. they robed land from all of the small country around them .from border line to small islands . i hope the american should open thier eyes and ears, because some day they will take over this country. those cats are food sale in meat market, you can see chicken cage back ground. they love eat dogs and cats in china.

  5. NICK Says:


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