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But this is a totally different story than from exposing yourself without that having anything to do with the ' storyline' to promote FASHION just like in this photo . I'm not sure that Marc Jacobs would find it neccessary, or any other male model for that matter , the need to put himself on' display' just to satisfy people's curiosity. The shoot is done in the good spirit of fun .... well thought! You don't want to alienate your potential costumer .... all about IMAGE and TASTE ...

REF;> chuvachienes.com/ category/tag/fashion/

Marc Jacobs Pays Naked Homage to Stephen Sprouse

Marc Jacobs, who has designed a line of items for Louis Vuitton in honor of the late designer Stephen Sprouse, shows off the concept in a nude photo for Harper’s Bazaar shot by Terry Richardson.
WWD reports: “Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton are paying homage to Stephen Sprouse. To show their admiration for the late designer and artist, next month, Jacobs, Vuitton’s creative director, is using his hit 2001 collaboration with Sprouse for a new, limited edition collection of accessories and ready-to-wear. Jacobs even doffed his duds again, posing in the nude painted in Sprouse’s graffiti for Harper’s Bazaar’s January issue.”

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