Made-in-Europe’s Fuck You China

Another racial slur pounding China from German. It all starts from a T-shirt with this printing:”FUCK YOU CHINA”. and followed by the statement “manufactured in Europe, produced and designed by Philipp Plein”. In addition, there is a picture of a “Chinaman” on the cuff.

As a up-rising brand, this German fashion designer, Philipp Plein is making headlines this time as part of the “China-Free” movement by using the phrase: “FUCK YOU CHINA” to deliver his anger. However, it is very stupid to deliberately cause national chaos in a way like this.

After the protest of some Chinese customers, Philipp Plein explains that “F-U-C-K YOU CHINA” actually means “the fascinating & urban collection: kiss you China” and decides to pull out all the related Tees to avoid more problems.

I remember another fashion brand, French Connection and its acronyms FCUK. It also raised up the controversy but then became a popular brand nowadays. The imagination and humour of these alphabets are more stylish than Philipp Plein’s tasteless execution and explanation.

Not only transforming one’s own disgust into hatred; but only packaging as a commodity for sales. This is shameful! If Philipp Plein still doesn’t understand, imagine it is changed to ” FUCK YOU JEWS”. The consequence will sure be worse than now. Not a simple apology can put an end to it.

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