In Tibet the condition of the life is very hard, many accidents are

caused by landslides and floods, and often the hospital are far away

from the villages, sometimes the pregnant woman who need to give

birth and don’t have the possibility to arrive at other hospital in such

a short time. Moreover the cost of a doctor visit for a Tibetan is

unaffordable and prohibited. Living condition hazardous to health

are the norm for the people in this area of Tibet , most villages

lack clean water and any form of sanitation. Soap and toothbrushes

are inaffordable luxuries.

  • NEEDS:

    As we have mentioned the price’s of doctor’s visits and medicine

  • for Tibetans are very high, in this area of Tibet doesn’t exist any

  • industry and the local inhabitants are farmers, who produce only

  • enough food for their families, the houses are made by mud and

  • wood and the inside is like the past, some families has a “zomo”,

  • a mix between a yak and cow, to milk for their personal consumption,

  • the economy is one of substistence and there is not much money.

  • For this reason the hospital has to be a hospital free of charge for

  • the poorer part of the population. Gastrointestinal infection, ulcer,

  • respiratory condition, malnutrition, vitamin deficiency disorder, cuts,

  • bite, burns and other such injuries are common; young children, infants

  • and old people are most at risk. The hospital will be on one part for

  • traditional Tibetan medicine and on the other part for the western

  • medicine, inside the hospital we would like to open a small school

  • to learn and study Tibetan medicine, so the students once they

  • will finished the training will go back to their own village and work

  • as a doctors to help those are in needs; this project will create new

  • jobs and will preserve and maintain alive the Tibetan culture. In

  • Tibet the number of doctor is very low because noone can afford

  • the school fees and the school of medicine are disappearing.


    The land available is situated at the centre of Garan village,

  • 39 meter long and 24 meter wide, occupying 936 squared meters.
    The part of the land that will be occupying by the construction of

  • the hospital is roughly 700 squares meters and the rest will be a

  • small garden area.
    Because of the modest size of the land the hospital will be built on

  • four floors.

    Ground floor: Rooms for patients and visitors, medicine dispensary,

  • laundry room, kitchen, elevator and toilets.

    First floor: Twelve room for patients with 24 beds, elevators and toilets.

    Second floor: A part for allopathic (western) medicine with an operating

  • room, dental operatory, radiology room, ginecolgy room, and room for nurses and resident doctors, elevator and toilets.

    Third floor: A part for Tibetan traditional medicine, room for acupuncture,

  • rooms for massage, room for resident students, elevator and toilet.

    Fourth floor: Bookstore, seminar rooms, office, library and toilet.

    The first things that must begin immediately are to purchase a vehicle

  • that doubles as an ambulance to increase first aid treatment to the closest

  • hospital, and then start the construction of the actual hospital.

    But all of this is only possible with the contribution and donation of those

  • who wish to help and believe in this projects, dreams that are possible to

  • realize thanks to the help of many people. This project it will be finance

  • with the money raised in Italy and elsewhere in the world, if you want

  • make a donation or fundraise for the hospital, please contact us.

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