Olympic Torch relay protests

Olympic Torch relay protests

Our thanks and congratulations to all those Tibet supporters who came to London on Sunday 6th April to make the Olympic torch relay a huge day of protest for Tibet.
Free Tibet Campaign was overwhelmed by the number of protesters who turned out from all over the UK and Europe. It was a fantastic day of peaceful protests as we made our voices heard all along the route from Wembley to the O2 Arena in Greenwich. There's hardly a shot of the London Olympic Torch Relay that doesn't have a Tibetan flag in the background!

As the torch continues on to Paris and San Francisco, the protests have followed, turning China's propaganda of a "Journey of Harmony" into a PR nightmare. Meanwhile questions are being asked both in London and Paris about the role of the Chinese security guards surrounding the torch, described by Lord Coe as "thugs". Australian authorities have already refused to allow them to participate in the Canberra leg of the torch relay.
Even IOC President Jacques Rogge has finally been forced to state "The International Olympic Committee has expressed its serious concern and called for a rapid, peaceful resolution of Tibet".

Unfortunately people in China will not being seeing the full scale of the protests in London and Paris which Chinese officials have condemned as "vile behaviour" from "a tiny number of Tibet independence elements". Official estimates of that "tiny number" are over 3000 people!
You can see a round-up of events from the day in the photos and videos below including the wonderful Tibetan Torch rally at Argyle Square. Our sincere thanks to Joanna Lumley and to all those who took part in this event.

Photos and video footage of protests during the torch's journey

San Francisco, 7th April 2008

Protesters scale Golden Gate Bridge
Photo: SFT

SFT Golden Gate protest

Paris, 7th April 2008

Paris disruptions

BBC reports

SFT Paris bridge banner

London, 6th April

Photos: Richard Campbell

China's reaction and attempts to douse flame

Protesters in Trafalgar Square & BBC report

Crowds at Downing Street & Sky report

CNN report & Whitehall protests

Fleet Street and Fox report

Freedom torch rally parts 1 & 2

Freedom torch rally 3 & BBC report

Edinburgh protest & Francesca Martinez's protest

Earlier protests

Westmnister Bridge & Greece protests: SFT

CNN: Torch ceremony in Greece

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