Tibet demonstrations, March 2008

Tibet demonstrations, March-April 2008

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Photos of dead bodies from Ngaba protests
Full size pictures at foot of page

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Photos from protests in Machu

Pictures of demonstrations and crackdowns in Tibet

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AL Jazeera / CNN

Monks protest after media blackout /CNN


Freedom Riders / AsiaBrief


CNN reports


CNN reports

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BBC reports

AL Jazeera / Reuters

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Click below for Free Tibet Campaign press releases on current demonstrations in Tibet

31st March: Confirmation of today's protests in Lhasa
27th March: Reports of monestaries starved in Lhasa
24th March: Erruption of protest in Sichuan
23rd March: Protests continue in Quinghai and Gansu
21st March: Reports of Tibetan nuns arrested
21st March: New photos from protests in Rebkong
21st March: Eyewitness accounts and photos of protests
20th March: Tibet groups write to Olympic sponsors
20th March: Further reports of protests
19th March: Tanks in Machu
19th March: Letter congratulating Gordon Brown for agreeing to meet the Dalai Lama
18th March: Demonstrations in Gannan city
18th March: Graphic pictures from Kirti
17th March: Protests in Machu
16th March: Reports of spreading protests in Tibet
16th March: Free Tibet Campaign calls on Gordon Brown to act
14th March: Statement on current demonstrations
11th March: Tibetan monks stage huge protests in Lhasa

Click below for press releases from other sources:

Fresh protests in Amdo / Labrang

Urgent Campaign actions: How YOU can help

19th March 2008: Journalists should be allowed back into Tibet
17th March 2008: Act on current situation in Tibet
13th March 2008: Britain must condemn brutal crackdown on Tibetan protests

You can also help by adding your name to the Team Tibet letter to the IOC

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AFP: Torch sets off on world tour amid tensions MAIL & GUARDIAN ONLINE: China slams 'blasphemy against Olympic spirit' FAMAGUSTA GAZETTE: Torch arrives in China in protest
THIS IS LONDON: Protests forseen
AFP: China awaits torch amid tensions
TAIPEI TIMES: China fears protests as torch arrives
GUARDIAN: China says monks won't be punished
INDEPENDENT: Chinese 'show' tour backfires
TELEGRAPH: China attacks UK press over Tibet coverage
RED ORBIT: China's cyberspace media campaign
TELEGRAPH: London torch relay to be hit
AFP: Death toll at 130 as torch is lit
MAIL: Protesters disrupt torch ceremony
GUARDIAN: Authorities vow tight security at torch ceremony
AFP: Protests threaten to overshadow flame ceremony
VOICE OF AMERICA: Tibetan exiles claim fresh protests
TIMES: Protesters demonstrate in London
CNN: West protests as China threatens
SUN: Tibetans take to the streets of London
EPOCH TIMES: Will China silence media coverage of protests?
IRISH TIMES: Beijing faces mounting pressure over crackdowns
INDEPENDENT: Congressional leader calls for condemnantion of China
TIBETAN CULTURE & NEWS ONLINE: MSN & Yahoo help China to track down protesters
RYE & BATTLE: Tibet protests a threat to Olympic torch relay
CHANNEL 4: China admist shooting protesters
GUARDIAN: Tibet hangs heavy over torch relay
EPOCH TIMES: Tibet protests spread to Beijing
ASSOCIATED PRESS: China sends more troops to restive areas
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Nations still keen on torch despite protests
REUTERS: Brown may anger China by meeting Dalai Lama
AFP: Tibet groups bombarded by abuse / viruses
INQUIRER: China deploys more troops
THE AGE: Blood and fire in Tibet
CBS: British PM agrees to Tibet talks
TELEGRAPH: A stand-off with the Chinese police
BBC: Gordon Brown to meet the Dalai Lama
PR-INSIDE: China tightens grip on restive Tibetans
BRUSSELS JOURNAL: Tibet- Britian's Pandora's box
BBC SPORT: Tibet kept on Olympic torch route
GUARDIAN: China accuses protesters of sabotaging Games
GUARDIAN: China and Dalai Lama face off over unrest
ABC: Photos released of 'dead Tibetans'
OBSERVER: Three monkeys policy
AGI: Images of massacre
ASIANEWS: Photos of a massacre
MELBOURNE HERALD SUN: Photos of dead Tibetans released
GUARDIAN: Dalai Lama completely committed to non-violence
FRANCE24: First photos of Tibet killings
DAILY RECORD: Gordon Brown makes plea for peace
GUARDIAN: Dalai Lama threatens to resign
B92: China says rioters trying to wreak Olympics
MIRROR: Tibetan protesters braced for crackdown
TIMES: Tibetans rally in Western China
PRESS ASSOCIATION: Brown urges 'restraint' from China
NEWSWEEK: Midnight knocks on many doors
ASSOCIATED PRESS: China condemns Tibet protests
AFP: China denies using deadly force
TELEGRAPH: Police flood Tibet ahead of deadline
ABC: Australis won't boycott Olympics
SYDNEY MORNING HERALD: House raids as police try to stop protests
M&C: British government 'concerned' over Tibet
BBC: Anti-China protests spread
PR-INSIDE: Tibet governor promise leniency
BBC: Tibet protesters to stage London vigil
CANADA.COM: Fears of another Tiananmen in Tibet
REUTERS: China says it is using restraint in Tibet
CNS NEWS: Dalai Lama supports Olympics despite deaths
TORONTO STAR: China pledges harsh measures
AL JAZEERA: China & Tibet, an uneasy past
TELEGRAPH: Dalai Lama criticises China's 'Cultural genocide'
THE AGE: China claims restraint with rioters
ASSOCIATED PRESS: Tibet protests spread to other provinces
MELBOURNET HERALD: Tibetans killed in China protests
INDEPENDENT: Dalai Lama calls attacks 'cultural genocide'
REUTERS: China ready to tackle unrest in other regions
SCOTSMAN: 80 dead in 'cultural genocide'
TIMES ONLINE: Pressure grows for China to show restraint
GUARDIAN: Rule of terror
HERALD TRIBUNE: Protests spread
CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Protests spread beyond Lhasa
TWIN FALLS TIMES: 30 protesters shot
STANDARD: Violence spreads to other provinces
MELBOURNE HERALD SUN: Tibetans killed in further protests
TV3: Dalai Lama warns of 'cultural genocide'
BRISBANE TIMES: Ensure protests will be heard
570 NEWS: Dalai Lama warns of 'cultural genocide'
QUAD CITY TIMES: Protests spread
CANADA EAST: Protests spreading
MIAMI HERALD: Protests spread
CENTRE DAILY TIMES: Protests spreading in Tibet
TRI-VALLEY HERALD: Protests spark violent reaction
BUZZLE: Lhasa on lockdown
NEWSWEEK: Tibetan protests spread
KANSAS CITY STAR: Protests spread to other areas
GLENS FALLS POST: More protests in other areas
ASSOCIATED PRESS: Tibet protests spread
PR-INSIDE: Tibet protests spread to other provinces
SYDNEY MORNING HERALD: This times games protests will be heard
BUZZLE: Dozens killed in protests
MYFOX: China blocks YouTube
MORUNG EXPRESS: China sets deadline
MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS: Exiles join protests
LOS ANGELES TIMES: Protests spread
TIMES NOW: Tibet unrest speads worldwide
GLOBAL MAIL: Exiles give voice to protests
INDEPENDENT: China clamps down on unrest
LOS ANGELES TIMES: Police amass as more protests break out
TIMES ONLINE: Fears of another Tiananmen Square as Tibet explodes
SAN FRANCISCO SENTINEL: Tibet crackdown claims up to 100 lives
TELEGRAPH: Crackdowns cost up to 100 lives
TIMES ONLINE: Fears of another Tiananmen
TELEGRAPH: Calls for Olympic boycott after brutality
TIMES OF INDIA: China struggles to quell situation
STRAITS TIMES: Police fire teargas to end march
ABS/CBN: China gives protesters ultimatum
SHANGHAIST: Chaos continues in Dharamsala & Lhasa
HINDUSTAN TIMES: Chaos in Tibet as protests spread
PHAYUL.COM: Fresh protests in Labrang
GUARDIAN: Beijing sends in tanks
ASSOCIATED PRESS: 30 killed in Tibet
TELEGRAPH: Tibet protests continue
ABC: Tibet protests spread
SYDNEY MORNING HERALD: 10 burnt to death in crackdowns
INDEPENDENT: 4 die, dozens injured
BUZZLE.COM: Tibet clashes
CANADA.COM: China blames Dalai Lama
NEW YORK TIMES: Monks clash with police
SWISSINFO: China gives protestors ultimatum
PR-INSIDE.COM: Tear gas fired
GUARDIAN: Dozens killed in Tibet
CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Showdown in Tibet
TELEGRAPH: Tibet another Tiananmen?
VANCOUVER SUN: Images pour onto web despite crackdown
PHILADPELPHIA INQUIRER: Tibet capital rocked by riots
THE AGE: China says 7 killed
MEN'S NEWS DAILY: Protesters clash
GUARDIAN: Olympic year gives new chance
VOICE OF AMERICA: Fires burn after protests
WALL STREET JOURNAL: Activists reach out to increase awareness
REUTERS: Tibet braces itself
ABC: Monks march sparks riots
SPIEGEL: Protests in Lhasa become violent
FRANCE24: China accuses Dalai Lama
PRINSIDE: Shops torched, gunfire erupts
GUARDIAN: Tibet gripped by violent clashes
INDEPENDENT: Chaos spreads in Tibet
REUTERS: Shops set on fire
WALL STREET JOURNAL: Protests esculate
GUARDIAN: China plays down protests
INDEPENDENT: China admits sending in troops
AFP: China says Lhasa is stable
GUARDIAN: Monks on hunger strike
BBC: China admits monk protests
REUTERS: Protests ripple across region

Full size pictures of dead bodies from Ngabo

Photos from protests in Rebkong

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