Fuck Germany… I read a comment by some German where he complained about Americans reminding Europe of their debt to us for our sacrifices during WW2. He says that no one he knows, including himself has ever suffered under a dictatorship and whatnot, so why does he owe us anything? Hmmmm, makes sense to me. I’ll trade you liberals that, and you give me no more pestering about slave reparations, and we’ll call it even, okay? Hey, I never fought in WW2, either, and I never met any of my relatives at family reunions who died over there, so I never got the opportunity to miss sitting around and talking with them. I’ve got nothing to lose on this one, just shut the heck up about slave reparations and we have a deal. Oh, and Kraut-boy? Don’t whine when we pull out our 80,000 or so troops that made it so you could ‘wake up in a democracy every morning’…don’t whine when your economy collapses because our military quit buying your crap and paying you rent. And I’m sure your great German military will be able to keep you safe when we’re gone, and other countries start licking their lips at the fat little German baby that is laying unprotected in the woods. Hey, call on your allies the French if you need anything, okay? Let me know how all this works out for you, buddy…auf wienersen!

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