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The perfect gift!

Know someone in the business of making pictures? The award-winning Art Business Today is the UK's leading magazine for art and framing business professionals. It is published by the Fine Art Trade Guild, so you just know that it provides authoritative coverage of the key issues affecting the industry. Art Business Today is published five times a year. Make someone happy; help them develop their business, give them a gift they will value all year and long into the future.

100 years of expertise

In 1905 the Fine Art Trade Journal was founded. Rebranded Art Business Today, its success is largely due to its unique links to the art and framing community through the Fine Art Trade Guild. Art Business Today can claim to reflect the needs and aspirations of its readers better than any other trade publication. In 2003, Art Business Today won Magazine of the Year in the inaugural Trade Association Forum Best Practice Awards.

"Art Business Today has great visual appeal, with attractive layouts, lavish illustrations and high quality production values. Running throughout are key areas of interest and inspiration ... It clearly serves a very valuable business purpose." What the judges said. Trade Association Forum Best Practice Awards 2003: Magazine of the Year

Art Business Today continues to go from strength to strength, serving thousands of professionals, worldwide.

Do you want to buy that special gift for an artist you know, to help them convert their talent into income? Helping someone consider starting up a new business? Does your Dad do a little framing and could he turn that into a little money spinner? Art Business Today opens eyes to new business opportunities, stimulates trade networking and development.

For incisive comment, in-depth research and sound practical advice, subscribe to Art Business Today - essential reading for art and framing professionals.

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