Had A Tetanus Shot?: More Scrap Metal Art


Remember Optimus "Scrap Metal" Prime from a couple weeks ago? Well here's some more. Scrap metal art that is, not Optimus Primes. Geekologie loyalist Julian spotted some of Metal Park's work at a street fair in NYC over the weekend and took some pictures. The artists make all sorts of different characters, that's a Big Daddy from BioShock there. Hit the jump for a couple more, including a dragon, Master Chief, Boba Fett and WALL-E. If you're interested check out their website, they make more scrap metal figures than you can shake a rusty shiv at. But don't touch anything: tetanus abound. You know, these reminds me of when I was a kid and my dad would take me to the construction site to play in the scrap metal heap. Like he always used to tell me, "What doesn't kill you only makes me wish it would have". Father of the year, hands down.

Hit the jump.







Metal Park Website

Thanks Julian, now lets go grab a scrap metal sandwich for lunch. Mmm, tetanus.

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Reader Comments

looooooooooooooooooooooool i know this shop near my hous mother f***ers i"m first

Those dragon and Big Daddy pictures are fantastic. Obviously whoever took those pictures is an insanely handsome and intelligent person. I bet he gets a ton of chicks and has the strength of a hundred men. Without a doubt is not a nerd working in an ad agency.

somebody really likes to weld...

The dragon is freaking awesome. You think they can rig up a torch to his mouth? That would put it over the top.

go head wit ur bad self. to bad they didnt do any prince wellington photos (^_^)

They're all really freaking cool.

I saw these at their Christmas kiosk a couple of years ago in NYC. It's awesome up close in person.

I didn't realise how much Wall-E looks like Johnny 5 until I saw this.

That's not WALL-E. That's #5.

I love the dragon one. It looks so evil. But I agree w/ Freddy K about the torch. That would be bad ass... or at least stick some firecrackers in his mouth or something :D

get a life slut @9

That dragon is KICK ASS. This guy's got a talent.

I,m also a metal art lover and builder myself, but you,re art mind and creations are far from mine. your art is some of the best i,ve seen. i only have 1 masterpiece and don,t know how to show it. i would like for you to look at it, and you give me your opion on it. thanks johnhfelder@yahoo.com

These are fun and very clever! Wish I would have thought of this....LOL.


These are great, love the wall-e

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