Digital Art 365- What Kind of Genres are there in Digital Art?

Digital Art 365Digital Art 365- Digital art is a category of art that has been greatly enhanced and has developed into much greater depth. The beginning of the 1990s was when this phenomenon caught on, and everyday people began to be exposed to digital art. Digital art has expanded so much that presently there are genres that include fantasy, science fiction, abstract, digital landscape, and others.

Modern digital art comprises of genres like magic realism, psychedelic/pop-art, post-surrealism, photorealism, and many more. The point is that digital art has become so highly used that we can now break it down into numerous categories and sub-categories.

Digital Art 365
Digital art 365- Digital art has been evolving since it became known in the 1950s. Scientists applied mathematical rules to their computer programming, causing the computer to translate an array of images on the screen. By having these computers output these visual patterns, a revolution of digital art began to surface. Digital art merged the new technology with art. However, computer technology during this era was restricted and narrow. It would take years later for digital art to become more widely used in our society. Thus, the 1950s was still the beginning of something remarkable with computers and the art you can create on it.

Digital Art 365Digital Art 365- There are two kinds of tools to use when using digital art on the computer: 2D and 3D. Each one has different programs and software you can use to generate your images.

For beginners, two dimensional tools that you can start out with are GIMP, Painter, and Photoshop. These programs allow you to draw or paint on a flat surface like you would if you were creating something on a sheet of paper.

Once you master the 2D digital art, you can work your way to 3D digital art tools. These tools specialize in the areas of all-around 3-D tools, special purpose 3D tools, and landscape 3D tools.
Digital Art 365Digital Art 365- You see digital art everywhere. It can be found in the movies, on the internet, and in everyday magazines. But just what is it? How does it actually work? Here is a little background to help you better understand.

Basically, digital art is art that is digitally created on a computer. There a few ways you can create this. It can be solely computer generated or you can scan a drawing or photograph and manipulate the object through a vector graphic program. Software programs allow you to create 3-D graphics by designing imagery to create real life shapes, objects and scenes.

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