Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Urban Light, sculpture, by Chris Burden and me at L.A.C.M.A.
Finally! Decent public art!

Above, two images of the wondrous Happy Happy by Choi Jeong-Hwa hanging in the Grand Entrance.

Happy Happy made me happy happy.

Rosa gets lost in happy.

I think this is my exact favourite part of Happy Happy.

Detail of Welcome by the same artist.
With Welcome in the background, I ran into Soap Opera LEGEND Susan Flannery who was there too to enjoy the art. She was so sweet and gracious. Even being complimentary about MY opening at J.A.N.M. Such a doll! Hi Susan!

Above, outside The Japanese Pavilion.

I think this picture was taken in a place photography is not allowed.

Me getting eaten by modern art.

While in L.A. I had had had to go to the
Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Located adjacent to the La Brea Tar Pits it really is a two birds one stone kinda' stop. The show that was up in the new Broad Contemporary Art's Museum at L.A.C.M.A. is called Your Bright Future: 12 Contemporary Artist from Korea. It was AWESOME! I especially enjoyed talking to the Museum Guards and hearing their personal commentary about work! who needs critics when you have people who stare at the work for hours on end day after day.
The pieces that really took the cake for me were Do Ho Suh's Fallen Star 1/5, an exquisitely detailed and masterfully decorated building in miniature to put it mildly. Sorry, no pictures of it folks, go to the L.A.C.M.A. website.
I also really dug Choi Jeong-Hwa's Happy Happy installation in the plaza of the museum. Pictures above of the festive forest of dangling plastic Tupperware and the like.
You know me, happy people like happy art!
All the works in Y.B.F were ingenious and enthralling.
We had to cull our visitation because of time restrains and only visit the essential parts which included the Pavilion for Japanese Art. Another two thumbs up!! The Pavilion building itself is wonderful, earthy and well light to suite the works inside.
A nice oasis in the steamy city.

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