Daria Werbowy as a Flower

So a little silly collage fun using images of Daria Werbowy and Andres V from a recent Vogue Hommes International shoot. Daria is pretty amazing looking as always but Andres V is also insanely gorgeous - plus showed he has a real charming personality in a recent Models.com MDX Video interview.

Agyness Deyn : Supermodel and Now Singer too!

Agyness Deyn (formerly Laura Hollins) is a top model that can carry off the Italian glamour of Armani as well as her own punk influenced style. She is not only a supermodel and fashion icon in her own right, but is now a singer as well.

Tommie Sunshine update)

So I did get to see Tommie Sunshine play at Estate in Boston this past Friday night. I went with a friend, and we tried to stop by another bar to meet some friends and it was crazy so we went at saw Tommie early at 10:30. Since when most celebrity DJ types come to Boston and the clubs close at 2am, the lines are usually packed at 10 sharp. But it was totally dead - I guess Tommie isnt big enough :(

Either way, the crowd was dead and sucked anyway, but Tommie was great! I enjoy his mix of house - electro - funk whatever…. I hope he drops some new remixes or some original material would be sweet too

Tommie Sunshine : The Boys Wanna Be Him

So tomorrow, I will hopefully be seeing Tommie Sunshine and partner in crime Junkie XL live in concert at Estate in Boston, MA. Even though I find the Boston club scene fairly tacky (I’m such a snob right?), I havent gone to see a DJ spin live in a long time and I’m hoping it will be a booze filled blast with a friend or two.

Shigeru Ban : Master of modernism and paper tubes

I recently had the pleasure of seeing famed Japanese architect, Shigeru Ban, at Harvard Graduate School of Design as part of their spring ‘08 lecture series. I had recently become familiar with Ban as the designer of a new, uber expensive west chelsea NYC condo development Metal Shutter Houses. Inspired by his previous work on individual homes as well as the roll-up security gates on the bodegas and art galleries in downtown new york, the Metal Shutter Houses are pretty damn amazing. Plus, each unit in the building has a two story living room with retractable windows - similar to a glass garage door - and the ubiquitous metal shutters.

Isabeli Fontana : Brazilian Dream

I must admit, Isabeli Fontana seemed to have escaped my radar for a little while. She built her career when I only followed fashion and not the models themselves. Once I started to pay attention to some of the runway rockstars, she took a breather and popped out a couple kids. But this Brazilian Dream has come back on the scene, with high profile struts for Victoria’s secret, and the prerequisite high fashion editorials and catwalk gigs.

My art fuck mini manifesto

So, as someone with a background in web design, Ive never actually done a “personal” web blog or myspace page or any of that shit. ArtFuck.com is intended to be a cyber gathering place of things im looking at, reading, interested in, etc… as well as some of my own ideas and thoughts about whatever. Things like art, photography, fashion, architecture, design, etc… Not exactly a blow-by-blow of my personal life, but frankly my life isnt that interesting. So this is as personal as its gonna get.

But everyone has their cheap two cents opinion on something, and these are mine. Maybe it will turn into something interesting, a cool space for experimentation or maybe not. Who the fuck knows.

The idea for the name came about like this: I enjoy reading blogs, magazines and books on the aforementioned subjects. I never wrote/edited a blog myself because frankly, who am I? I’m no one in any of these worlds, where you have to be super cool, shiny and pretty, or have fucked Marc Jacobs or something. Im just some schmuck with an opinion and a few ideas, which I’ll admit aren’t that special. I’ts unlike all those super cool, “original” art kids and/or posers on myspace or whatever.

First I thought of the name artcrap.com, but that was already taken. Art Fuck had a catchy, memorable name and it stuck. C’est bon!

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